Men's Haircuts

Looking stylish and feeling good about yourself is simple. Here are some of the most popular men’s haircut styles with easy-to-follow instructions for each specific cut. Check out the how-to videos for how to use the right clippers to cut your own hair.

A man with a fade haircut.

Fade Cut

Tapered, tight and never out of style, the Fade Cut is an easy haircut to do and easier to maintain.

A man with a quick and easy haircut.

Easy Cut

Personalize your look and perfect it with the Easy Cut. This is an quick haircut and easy hairstyle for men.

A man giving himself a business professional haircut with Wahl hair clippers.

Business Cut

Look like you’re all business, even when you’re having fun, with the professional look of the Business Haircut.

A man giving himself a textured haircut with Wahl hair clippers.

Textured Cut

The Textured Cut is popular for men of all ages. It works very well for all types of hair.

A man with a brush haircut.

Brush Cut

Accentuate your face with the easy-to-maintain Brush Cut. It is an easy and short hairstyle.

A man giving himself a tousled professional haircut with Wahl hair clippers.

Tousled Cut

If you like to keep your hair a little longer, the Tousled Cut is a solid choice.

A man getting a side part haircut with a Wahl clipper.

Side Part

The Side Part can be adapted for multiple looks, depending on your mood.

A man giving himself a high and tight haircut with Wahl hair clippers.

High & Tight Cut

A High & Tight haircut has a clean look and is easy to maintain.

A man with a buzz haircut.

Buzz Cut

For those with an active lifestyle, the Buzz Cut is easy to do and maintain hairstyle.

A smiling man with a peaked haircut.

Peaked Cut

Sometimes called a Faux Hawk, the Peaked Cut lets you show off your personality and a bit of attitude.

A man smiling with a very short haircut called the close cut.

Close Cut

The Close Cut is the cleanest look of them all. It requires upkeep, but is easy to do.

A man smiling with undercut haircut.


The undercut allows you to personalize your haircut to be either connected or disconnected, parted or not.

Edgar Haircut

Edgar Haircut

The classic Edgar haircut is distinguished by its shaved sides and longer top, with straight-cut bangs over the forehead.

Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut

The classic Caesar Haircut is a timeless style that features short, horizontal bangs and a tapered look on the sides and back of the hair.

Pompadour Haircut

Pompadour Haircut

The Pompadour was popularized by the King of Rock, but the look was originally named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France.

Mullet Haircut

Mullet Haircut

The Mullet is the look often referred to as business in the front and party in the back.