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What is a Caesar

What is a Caesar Haircut? It’s a timeless style that features short, horizontal bangs and a tapered look on the sides and back of the hair. The style is named after Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus, so it commands respect. Wear it styled to the side in the front or combed straight down. It is your choice.

The Caesar Haircut: Step-by-Step

1. Start with Damp Hair

Start by combing your hair down to remove tangles. Use a spray bottle, if needed, to slightly dampen your hair and make it easier to cut.

2. Trim Bangs

Use your Wahl clipper or trimmer without a guard to cut your bangs to the desired length. Use your ears as a guide to ensure you create an even path across the forehead. To make the cut, hold the clipper or trimmer with the blade horizontally and toward the hair. Be careful not to trim your eyebrows in the process.

3. Taper Next

To create a more tapered look that is shorter on the bottom and slightly longer as you work your way up, cut section 1 of the head with a #3 guard on your Wahl clipper. Use an upward rocking motion as you reach the top of the section.

4. Continue into Section 2

Move onto section 2 of the head, using a #5 guard on your Wahl clipper. Continue to use an upward rocking motion as you cut.

5. Now Section 3

Cut section 3 of the head using a #7 guard on your Wahl clipper, continuing to use an upward rocking motion.

6. Top It Off

Cut section 4 of the head using a #8 guard on your Wahl clipper. Make sure to section off the bangs so you do not cut into them. This will give you an inch of length on top. If you prefer longer, use the clipper-over-finger technique to achieve the desired length instead of using the #8 guard.

7. Start to Blend

Blend sections 1 and 2 of the head using a #4 guard on your Wahl clipper. To achieve this, cut the hair where sections 1 and 2 meet. Continue to use an upward rocking motion to blend the two sections.

8. Blend to End

Blend sections 2 and 3 of the head using a #6 guard on your Wahl clipper. Again, cut only the area where these two sections meet using an upward rocking motion.

9. Clean Neckline

Your Questions About the Caesar Cut

Your Questions About the Caesar Cut

What is a Caesar Haircut?

All hail the fashionable Caesar Cut! It is fashionable for guys of all ages and hair textures (even if you are thin up top). It is named after Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. This classic short cut with bangs (or fringe) features short hair on the sides, back and top and is styled by brushing the top forward, putting the focus on the bangs and away from the top of the head—hence the popularity among men with a receding hairline.

But do not be fooled. This style is not outdated. Everyone from George Clooney to The Biebs have been rocking the Caesar Cut. If you allow the top to grow out a little longer and have naturally wavy hair, you could be rocking the “Long Caesar.” Style your longer bangs with product into a casual, textured look (like you fixed your hair but it doesn’t look like you fixed it) and you could be rocking the “Messy Caesar.” The key is to experiment a little and find out what Caesar suits you best.

What is the Length of a Caesar Haircut?

The trademark Caesar is one to two inches in length on the sides, top and back. Many men with naturally short, curly or textured hair go for the “Dark Caesar,” which is about an inch shorter and provides all over scalp coverage (not to be confused with a crew cut, which is much shorter).

Caesar Cut, Crew Cut or Buzz Cut—Which is Most Flattering?

Only you can determine that! It depends on the shape of your face, your hairline, hair texture and what makes you feel your best. A Buzz Cut is the shortest and easiest to do, and just as it sounds – all the hair is buzzed, or shaved, off to half an inch or shorter. The Crew Cut requires a little styling. The sides are shaved, the back is short, and the top is a little longer and blended to the sides. The Caesar (as mentioned above) can be shorter, but the key is the longer bangs brushed forward.

What Face Shape Best Suits a Caesar Cut?

Guys with oval faces, small facial features, and guys with long or rectangular faces and an angular jawline to add a little softness to their face at the top. Leave bangs short but messy. Or brush your bangs to the side to give the side of your face more proportion. If you have large features or a smaller forehead, avoid any style with bangs. But if you have thinning areas along the hairline, this style’s combed-forward bangs can be flattering.