A man getting a haircut touch up around the arch of his ear.

How to Touch Up the Arch Around Your Ears

Unlike other eras, most current styles don’t feature the hair going over – or even touching – the ears. Keeping your hair off your ears is easy. All you need is a Wahl trimmer or clipper. We don't recommend using scissors around the ears and eyes.

How to Trim Around Your Ears Step-by-Step

  • 1

    Use your trimmer or the inverted clipper technique to tidy up the area above and behind the ears.

  • 2

    When working over the ears, it’s often easier to bend down the ear so it’s out of the way for quick trimming.

  • 3

    Shape the hairline with a steady, single-direction motion.

    Once you've trimmed around your ears, be sure to also trim the back of your neck and Your sideburns.

What to use

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