The Difference Between Clippers, Trimmers, Shavers & Razors

Illustration of Wahl clippers, trimmer, shaver and a generic shaving razor.

Check out our quick and easy guide on how to choose the right grooming tool. We cover the differences between clippers, trimmers, shavers and razors and guide you through the process of total grooming.

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The Best Beard Styles for Your Face Shape

Graphic that reads "the best beard for your face shape."

Depending on your face shape, some facial hair styles can be more flattering than others. So, fire up your trimmer and check out these five face shapes and some of the best styles for each.

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Avoid Shaving Mishaps by Following These 6 Steps

Father showing his son how to shave using a Wahl electric shaver.

Shaving on television seems so flawless. The razor glides over stubble leaving nothing but beautiful man face in its tracks.

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