Father showing his son how to shave using a Wahl electric shaver.

Avoid Shaving Mishaps by Following These 6 Steps

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How to Have the Best Shaving Experience

Shaving on television seems so flawless. The razor glides over stubble leaving nothing but beautiful man face in its tracks. The reality is, bloody tissue pieces stuck to your face, red bumps you pray disappear before your big date, and of course, pain. We’ve all been there. Pairing the right technique with the right equipment is instrumental to a successful, sexy, painless shave. Follow these 6 steps to help prevent razor burn, razor bumps, and scrapes.

1. Start with a Superior Shaver

Using an electric shaver compared to a disposable razor decreases the chance of razor burn.  A great shaver can not only deliver as close a shave as their more disposable relative, the razor, but they can help reduce the cost of shaving cream, soaps, rubs, and even water. Research shavers by reading online reviews, talking to friends, and shopping around in-stores or online to find the shaver that best fits your needs.

Choose a shaver that has hypoallergenic foils to help reduce inflammation which can trigger razor bumps. Razor bumps ( pseudofolliculitis barbae ) are common for many people, especially in 60% of African American and Black men as well as those with curly facial hair. Wahl shavers keep hairs even and short by producing a blunt cut instead of a lift cut, which can cause razor bumps.

2. Choose a Rechargable Electric Shaver

When a shaver has optimal power, it works best. Avoid unnecessary pulling and additional passes by making sure your shaver is fully charged before use.

Most Wahl shavers can be used after only a 1-minute quick charge.

3. Start with the Sensitive Spots

Start with the most sensitive area of the skin, usually near the neck. Carefully go against the grain while keeping the number of passes to a minimum. Apply slight pressure but don’t press too hard. Too much pressure is the leading cause of razor burn. Continue carefully doing short passes until completed. As you use a shaver, it tends to get hot. By starting with the sensitive, you avoid the heat from your shaver opening up the pores allowing skin cells and bacteria to enter which can lead to irritation.

4. Keep Your Shaver Blades Sharp

Sharp blades and smooth, hypoallergenic foils are important for a comfortable, bumpless shaving experience. When do your blades and foils need to be replaced? You’ll know when your shaver gets hotter and requires more time to deliver that perfect shave. A good rule of thumb is to replace blades and foils about every 12 months. It is also important to ensure you are lubricating or oiling your shaver approximately once a month. Lubrication will help your blades stay sharper and last longer.

5. Consistent Cleaning

After every 3-4 shaves, make sure to thoroughly clean your shaver by removing the foils and using a cleaning brush. Make sure to review your individual product’s care instruction manual to clean your shaver safely and effectively.

6. Rinse, Dry, Repeat

Post-shave, it’s important to wash the face and neck with cold water to close the skin’s pores. Next, pat dry with a soft, clean towel or washcloth. To help prevent razor burn, use an alcohol-free aftershave and gently massage into the skin. Let the skin around your neck breathe after shaving by avoiding turtlenecks, tight collars, scarves, or anything that may rub on the freshly-shaven skin. Stick to a consistent shaving schedule, every 2 days is recommended. This gives your skins time to heal but not enough time for the curly hairs to become ingrown causing bumps.

Shaving shouldn’t be painful but it can be if you’re not using the right tools. Wahl offers a variety of shavers for different skin and hair types. Shop Wahl Shavers , Trimmers , and more .

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