A man giving himself a haircut with a Wahl hair clipper.

How to Use the Upward Rocking Motion

You can use an upward rocking motion when cutting your own hair to blend the hair better. This technique will give you a consistent and clean blend or fade for a fresh look.

Steps for Using the Upward Rocking Motion

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    Using the upward rocking motion is sometimes the best way to blend different lengths of hair in different sections of the head to achieve a finished look. This technique is great for a lot of different haircut styles. To do this, carefully pull the clipper away from the scalp in fluid strokes as you cut upward to blend the hair from one length to the next.

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    With fine hair, you will need to do more blending because it tends to show different cut lengths more easily. With thicker hair, blend until you achieve the look you want.

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