A man giving himself a business professional haircut with Wahl hair clippers.

How to Cut your Hair to have a Business Haircut

Sometimes, a conservative look is needed or preferred. Wahl clippers let you have fun and be all business at the same time.

What you will need:

  • Wahl clipper
  • Wahl trimmer
  • #5 (5/8") guide comb attachment
  • #8 (1") guide comb attachment

How to Do a Business Haircut Step-by-Step

  • 1

    Using your Wahl clipper, select an attachment guard that will shorten the hair but not leave it too short. The #5 guard (5/8") is a frequent selection. If you find that the hair should be cut shorter after the first or second pass, change to a lower numbered attachment guard.

  • 2

    Using an upward rocking motion, cut around the ear and then continue to the back of the head, all the way to the other ear (Section 2). Comb the hair as you go. It will give you a better idea of how the hair naturally lies.

  • 3

    Switch to a higher attachment guard. A #8 (1") works well for the top of the head. From the back, comb the hair to see how it naturally falls. Begin to cut, rolling the clipper from front to back to help cut down on bulk.

  • 4

    Now blend the sides, using the same upward motion rolling technique over the rim of the head (Section 3) where the sides meet the top.

  • 5

    Using your Wahl trimmer or the inverted clipper technique, trim the neckline and ear arches.

    Infographic showing the sections of the head for cutting your own hair.

    A Business Haircut is a great start to looking and feeling your best. Check out 5 more ways to up your grooming game.

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