12 Men’s Beard Styles to Try in 2024

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Rugged to polished. Head-turning to corporate. There are so many beard styles to choose from. To help cut-to-the-chase on what looks good on you, we’ve pulled together the top 12 beard styles to try in 2024. So, tool up with your trimmer  of choice and let’s get grooming.

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1. Stubble Beard = #1

From quick office polls to scientific surveys*, women vote the Stubble Beard the most attractive beard. It’s easy to do and highlights your cheekbones like a champ. (What are you waiting for?)

2. Artsy: Van Dyke

You don’t have to be an artist to love this beard and mustache combo. You do have to be ready for compliments. 

3. Goatee. Let’s Go

Trending again. And for good reason. The glorious Goatee adds strength and masculinity to the chin. A great foundation for other facial hair styles.  

4. Horseshoe: Still Hot 

When this mustache rolls into town. Everyone notices it. Add some attitude to your face with the Horseshoe Mustache. 

5. Got Soul? 

Of course you do. You don’t have to be a 1950s jazz musician to rock the Soul Patch. You do you. 

6. Rock the Chevron

Sometimes known as the “Freddie Mercury mustache,” the Chevron Mustache has a cool 80s vibe. Outlines the lip like an arrow pointing upwards. Give it a try!

7. Chinstrap It

The Chinstrap: From sideburn to sideburn, this is a beard that’s always in style. It is a great year to make a bold statement with this trending style.

8. Tighten Up

If you want to keep things neat with a smooth yet sharp-looking style, the Tight Beard could be for you. Check out this step-by-step guide.

9. Full On

Are you a rebel? Are you wise? Are you ready for the Full Beard? This masculine style makes a statement. See how to make the full beard your own.

10. Striking Garibaldi

Big. Bold. Bellissimo! Bring a little Italian charm to your chops with the Garibaldi Beard. Back in a big way in 2024. Learn more!

11. Manly Ducktail

Sometimes rugged. Sometimes smooth. Always masculine, the Ducktail Beard began with the Vikings and remains a hot favorite to this day. Make it your own.

12. Finally: Mutton Chops

Every century, Mutton Chops have their moment. If you’re up for bushy (or neatly trimmed) sideburns that connect to your mustache, here’s how to get your look.

Your Beard Questions. Answered.

How Do I Know If a Beard Style Will Suit Me?

Great question. Did you know you can try on these styles before you trim with the Wahl® Style Selector? With advanced face-mapping technology, it gives you a photo-real view of these 12 styles, so you can decide which one looks best on you. And while you are at it, you can pick out a matching hairstyle.

What is the Best Beard Trimmer you have?

Not all beardsmen are created equal. For The Serious Beardsman, may we recommend the Wahl® PRO SERIES™ High Visibility Trimmer.

* 2018 survey source: Wahl partnered with market research leader ORC International in 2018 to conduct a year-long online survey for beard and mustache positivity. The[DS1]  survey revealed most U.S. women prefer a man with facial hair over a clean-shaven face (58 percent vs. 42 percent, respectively). Millennial women showed a particular panache with a 71 percent preference. In general, 65 percent of women find facial hair attractive, and 57 percent describe men with facial hair as masculine or handsome. As far as style, stubble topped the preference list, and a well-groomed beard was a close second. Supportive research also included an Online CARAVAN Omnibus survey of 502 adult women throughout the United States. Completed interviews were weighted by several Census variables including age and geographic region, to ensure a reliable and accurate representation of the total U.S. population.