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How to Get a Full Beard

Need help growing or maintaining your Full Beard? The Wahl trimmer makes it easy to tame ample whiskers. As Josh Gbelawoe demonstrates in this quick, step-by-step tutorial, you can keep a Full Beard looking smooth, uniform and neat in no time!

What you will need:

  • Wahl trimmer
  • Wahl beard comb
  • #4 (1/2") guide comb attachment

How to Get a Full Beard Step-by-Step

  • 1

    To grow a full beard, stop shaving for three weeks to see if your beard has any patchy or sparse areas, or until you have a good amount of hair growth. Then begin to add some desired shape and trim the edges along the neck and cheeks with your Wahl trimmer.

  • 2

    Once your beard has grown in, to shape it you’ll comb through it to get all the knots out and make sure it’s uniform and ready to be cut.

  • 3

    Using your Wahl trimmer, start cleaning up the edges underneath your beard to create a clean, smooth line.

  • 4

    Trim away the extra-long whiskers to create a uniform length on your cheeks.

  • 5

    Very lightly, clean up around your mustache and mouth.

  • 6

    Using your biggest guide attachment, complete your look by trimming any unkempt strays to keep your beard looking smooth, uniform and neat.

What to use

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