A man with the Van Dyke beard goatee style.

How to Trim a Van Dyke Beard

A little musketeer, a little creative hipster, this regal style gets its name from the 17th century Flemish painter Sir Anthony Van Dyke. The Van Dyke Beard has clean-shaven cheeks, a mustache and a sharply pointed triangular beard. Skip the mustache and this beard is known as the Van Dyke Goatee.

How to Trim a Van Dyke Beard or Goatee

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    Grow Your Beard
    Stop shaving for about one week. At this point, your whiskers will be shorter than necessary to achieve the Van Dyke Beard but you can begin shaping it, while keeping the rest of your face clean-shaven.

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    Shave Cheeks
    Shave your cheeks clean, leaving your chin whiskers and mustache intact.

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    Trim the Point
    As your chin beard or goatee grows longer, use your Wahl trimmer to carefully trim it into a pointed shape. Try not to trim too deeply into the beard or snip off the tip you’ve worked so hard to grow.

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    Finish with Product
    Add some personality to your new look by twisting the ends of the mustache into points, applying a lightweight wax to maintain the shape.

What You Are Asking About the Van Dyke Beard

What Face Shape Suits a Van Dyke Beard?
The good news is the Van Dyke Beard is flattering to most shapes. This pointed style will lengthen a rounded shape and give an angular look to the jawline.

What is the Van Dyke Beard Versus Goatee?
The Van Dyke Beard features clean-shaven cheeks, a mustache and a sharply pointed triangular beard, while the Van Dyke Goatee has clean-shaven cheeks, a pointed goatee and no mustache.

What is the Difference Between an Anchor Beard and a Van Dyke?
Great question. Both have clean cheeks, a mustache and a bead. The Anchor Beard looks more like an anchor with a rounded chin, while the Van Dyke Beard is more pointed at the chin.

What to use

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