Ducktail Beard.

How to Do the Ducktail Beard

The Ducktail Beard, AKA duck’s tail, is a full beard that has a tapered, triangular appearance with the point of the triangle at the bottom of the beard. How pointy you want to make it is up to you. This timeless look began its popularity in the 1950s as part of the counter-culture movement.

What you need:

  • Wahl trimmer
  • #½, #2½, #3½, and #4 guide combs
  • Beard comb
  • Beard balm

How to Trim a Ducktail Beard Step-by-Step

  • 1

    Start by combing your beard down to straighten it out and remove tangles. You’ll need at least two inches of length at the bottom of your beard to achieve this look.

  • 2

    Connect the hair on the sides of your head to your sideburns. If it’s cut close on the sides, use your Wahl trimmer with a #½ guard and trim from the top of the ear down to the start of your earlobe.

  • 3

    Switch to a #2½ guide comb on your Wahl trimmer and trim your cheeks to the start of your mustache, working your way down to your jawline. Use an inverted upward rocking motion as you get closer to the jawline. Do not trim around the chin or below it.

  • 4

    Attach a #3½ guide comb on your Wahl trimmer to trim along your jawline, starting at the bottom of your ear lobe to just before your chin on both sides. Do not trim the bottom of your beard yet.

  • 5

    Attach a #4 guide comb on your Wahl trimmer to trim your mustache, around the mustache and just below it. Move the trimmer in the direction of hair growth.

  • 6

    Stay with the #4 guide comb on your Wahl trimmer to layer your beard below your mouth. Move down toward the chin and to the jawline on the sides, using an inverted upward rocking motion. Do not trim below the chin.

  • 7

    Remove the guide comb on your Wahl trimmer and use the trimmer over finger technique to trim the bottom of your beard below the chin to the desired length. Make sure to connect the hair on the side of your beard to the bottom to give it a nice round appearance.

  • 8

    Finish by removing the guide comb from your Wahl trimmer to define the edges along the cheeks, below the jawline and the neck. Also trim any loose hairs around your beard. Gently go over those hairs and only those hairs.

  • 9

    Complete the look by adding some beard balm to your beard and style to your liking.

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