A man lining his beard with a Wahl trimmer.

How to Line Up Your Beard

Lining up your beard provides a sharply defined base to any chosen beard style. You want to make sure your beard neckline is consistent and even, which you can easily do with a Wahl trimmer. In this step-by-step tutorial Casey Gilbert shows how, and where, to line up your beard.

Step-by-Step: Line Up Your Beard

  • 1

    Start with a Clean Face
    Wash your face in warm water to open the skin’s pores and towel off before you begin to trim.

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    Review Your Neckline
    Now it’s time to find and define your neckline. Look in the mirror, hold your head upright. Whatever hair that you see below your chin needs to go.

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    Start Trimming
    With your Wahl trimmer, start trimming just above your Adam’s apple. The Adam's apple is like a natural dividing line between your beard and neck. This can act as your "center."

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    Stay Symmetrical
    Work toward the ears to get a straight line. Refer to your center and work from this middle up to the ear. Do the same on the other side, always starting from the center/middle. Don’t go ear to ear. This can lead to an uneven line.

    A man lining his beard with a Wahl trimmer.
  • 5

    Rounded or Square?
    You don't need to make your beard too rounded (unless that is the look you are going for). A slight curve will look great. For a more chiseled look, trim with angular corners.

  • 6

    Clean Up Neckline
    Once your beard is nicely lined up, trim any stray hairs on your neckline and under your chin.

  • 7

    Check Cheeks
    Clean up around your lips and ensure your cheek line is smooth and free of any strays. Your cheek line generally runs from your sideburn to your mustache.

    You can change up your cheek line to flatter your face shape. Go curved for angular faces to soften facial features and straight for rounder faces to create an angular (more flattering) look. And like trimming your neckline, ensure you keep both sides symmetrical.

  • 8

    Soften to Finish
    Once your beard is lined and shaped up, complete the look with a dab of beard softener or your favorite beard styling products for a smooth, fresh-smelling finish.

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Cleaning Up Your Beard

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