A man lining his beard with a Wahl trimmer.

How to Line & Shape Your Beard

Lining up your beard will help shape it up. You want to make sure your beard neckline is consistent and even, which you can easily do with a Wahl trimmer. This border clean up takes a small effort, and your beard line will thank you.

How to Line Up Your Beard Step-by-Step

  • 1

    Looking in the mirror, hold your head upright. Whatever hair that you see below your chin needs to go.

  • 2

    With your Wahl trimmer, start trimming just above the Adam’s apple. Your Adam's apple is like a natural dividing line between your beard and neck. This can act as your "center."

  • 3

    Work towards the ears to get a straight line. Refer to your center and work from this middle up to the ear. Do the same on the other side, always starting from the center/middle. Don’t go ear to ear. This can lead to an uneven line.

  • 4

    You don't need to make your beard too rounded (unless that is the look you are going for). A slight curve will look great.

  • 5

    Once your beard is lined and shaped up, finish up the look with beard styling products daily.

What to use

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Wahl offers trimmers and grooming kits that let you achieve the look you want and keep it looking great.

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Cleaning Up You Beard Up Close

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