A man fading his beard with a Wahl trimmer.

How to Fade a Beard

Fading your beard keeps your beard hair in line and consistent. You can easily do this with a Wahl trimmer. Watch this step-by-step tutorial by Matt Ranaudo, and then give it a go. You got this!

How to Fade a Beard

How to Fade Your Beard Step-by-Step

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    Wash and Dry to Start
    Before trimming a thick beard, wash, towel dry and brush through with a styling comb. For best results, comb it in the direction it grows so all the hairs are facing the same direction.

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    Tidy Up: Trim All Over
    Grab your favorite guide comb. We recommend the Wahl trimmer’s #3 (3/8") guide comb. Trim the entire beard. Remember the more length you start with, the more dramatic the fade. Shorter trim means a more subtle shade.

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    Sharpen Neckline
    Clean your lower neck by switching to a #1 (1/8") and trimming from two inches below your jaw to your Adam’s apple.

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    Line Up Your Fade
    To fade it further you can switch to a #2 (1/4") guide comb and trim the remaining area, blending the two previously cut areas.

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    Clean Up Strays
    Finally, use the trimmer with no guide comb or use the shaver attachment to trim below your Adam’s apple. Don’t forget to take care of any strays on the side of your neck.

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    Balm To Finish
    Once your beard is shaped up, finish with a pat of beard balm.

What You Are Asking About Fading a Beard

How Long Should a Beard Fade be?

The key to the ideal length of fade really comes down to your personal preference. The more you experiment with differing lengths, the more you’ll find what you like. You can always go for a longer fade for a start – and cut a shorter fade later.

Remember the more length you leave on your beard, the longer (and more dramatic) the fade will be. If you start with a closer or shorter setting, the end fade will be more subtle. Take the time to focus and don’t rush it.

How to Fade a Beard into a Bald Head?

Start by shaving your head and keeping your sideburns intact. This is how you’ll blend your beard into your head. You don’t want your beard to stop on either side of your head or at your temples. Use your trimmer in an upwards direction to create a gradual and natural-looking fade from your beard through your cheek bones.

Start with a longer fade (more dramatic) and go shorter for a more subtle look. You’ll also want to review your work to see if you want to trim lower, so your fade starts at the chin to your sideburns. The key is to create a Faded Beard that flatters your face the most.

What is a Fade vs. Taper Beard?

Both are cool and easy to do with your Wahl trimmer. The question is how edgy, or conservative do you want to go? A taper beard is a gentle, more gradual way to blend long and shorter hair. This technique can be applied on sideburns, neck, and the cheeks to create a soft, natural line.

Meanwhile a Faded Beard has a little more attitude, it can be more dramatic, sharp, and abrupt. As always, whichever way you choose to go, take your time. You got this!

Once you’ve mastered this skill, take it for a spin on a new beard style.

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