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What is a Garibaldi

The Garibaldi is a big and bold choice. What is a Garibaldi beard? One-part lumberjack, one-part gentlemen, the beard is named after an Italian general who played a vital role in the liberation and creation of modern Italy. So, it also commands respect. It’s longer and fuller than most beards but tapered at the top to keep things classy.

How to Achieve a Garibaldi Beard

1. Let It Grow

You’ll need at least two inches in length at the bottom of your beard to achieve a short Garibaldi. (A long Garibaldi can be up to eight inches in length and can take months, even years, to grow). Start by combing your beard down to straighten it out and remove tangles.

2. Start at the Sides

Connect the hair on the sides of your head to your sideburns. If it’s cut close on the sides, use your Wahl trimmer with a #½ guard and trim your sideburns from the top of the ear down to the start of your earlobe.

3. Trim from the Cheeks Down

Switch to a #2½ guide comb on your Wahl trimmer and, starting just below your earlobe, trim along the jawline until you reach the sides of the chin. With the Garibaldi, it’s important that you maintain beard length directly below the chin. Use an inverted upward rocking motion as you get closer to the jawline. Do not trim around the chin or below it.

4. Trim along Jawline

Attach a #3½ guide comb on your Wahl trimmer. Starting just below your earlobe, trim along the jawline until you reach the edge of the mustache. With the Garibaldi, it’s important that you maintain beard length directly below the chin.

5. Tackle the Mustache Area

Attach a #4 guide comb on your Wahl trimmer to trim your mustache, around the mustache and just below it on your upper lip. Move the trimmer in the direction of hair growth.

6. Clean Up Around the Mouth

Stay with the #4 guide comb on your Wahl trimmer to fade your beard below your mouth. Trim down toward the chin and to the jawline on the sides of your mouth, using an inverted upward rocking motion. Do not trim below the chin.

7. Get Connecting

Remove the guide comb on your Wahl trimmer and use the trimmer-over-finger technique to trim the bottom of your beard below the chin to the desired length. Make sure to connect the side of your beard to the hair below your chin to give it a nice round appearance.

8. Define and Perfect

Finish by removing the guide comb from your Wahl trimmer to define the edges along the cheeks, below the jawline and the neck. Also trim any loose hairs around your beard. Gently go over those hairs and only those hairs.

9. Finish with Beard Balm

Complete the look by adding some beard balm to your beard and style to your liking.

What You'll Need

What You Are Asking About the Garibaldi Beard

What is a Garibaldi Beard?

Masculine and bold, the Garibaldi commands attention with a long, thick, natural look to it, like it grew out by itself. Its trademark is a long, rounded shape below the chin. The Garibaldi Beard starts short at the ears, connects to the mustache and whiskers, and creates a rounded shape below the jawline and chin. As mentioned in Step 1, above, the Garibaldi can be as short as two inches and up to eight inches.

What is the Best Face Shape for a Garibaldi Beard?

Good news! If you have a round or oval or rectangular face, and regular or thick beard growth, this style will suit you. Better news! If you have a narrow jawline and chin area, like a diamond or inverted triangle-shaped face – this style will elongate and balance your look because it widens and adds bulk below the face. Also, my friend, it makes a confident statement, commands attention – in the best way. Avoid the Garibaldi Beard if your beard grows uneven or patchy.

Is the Garibaldi Beard Easy to Maintain?

You might think so – looks so natural – right? But guys who have the Garibaldi style will attest, you cannot just let it grow out without trimming and caring for it. Despite looking natural, it needs to be washed, brushed, oiled, and trimmed regularly otherwise, you will have a frizzy, matted, or unkempt mess on your hands (and face!). The unfussy, stylish Garibaldi is mostly easy to care for. To keep your Garibaldi looking tip-top, trim stray hairs, the mustache and around the mouth area to keep it looking thick, healthy and impressive.

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