A man with the chevron mustache style.

How to Do a Chevron Mustache

Once only seen on pop stars, TV detectives and pro football coaches, the Chevron Mustache is back. Shaped like a chevron, and covering your whole top lip, this style makes a bold statement. See below how to achieve yours.

How to Do the Chevron Mustache Step-by-Step

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    Start with a Clean Face
    Wash and dry your face before you trim. Then use a styling comb to brush your facial hair in the direction of hair growth.

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    Trim your Facial Hair
    With your Wahl trimmer or Wahl shaver, closely trim or shave your cheeks and chin clean, but leave the mustache untouched.

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    Define the Shape
    Using your Wahl trimmer or shaver, shave a strong, diagonal line from your nose to a point about a 1/4-inch beyond the corner of your mouth. Check both sides to ensure it is symmetrical.

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    Clean Up for Crisp, Defined Lines
    Once you see a Chevron-like design at the outer edges, trim any long stray hairs along your upper lip so the mustache is flush with the lip.

  • 5

    Grow Out for a Bolder Style
    Allow your mustache to grow for a few weeks to achieve proper fullness.

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    Groom after you Trim
    Trim occasionally with your trimmer to avoid overgrowth and to keep the look fresh. Use a comb to brush it out to keep it looking neat.

What You’re Asking About Chevron Mustaches

What is a Chevron Mustache?
Outlining the shape of the top lip in a chevron shape (or arrow pointing upwards), the Chevron Mustache is sometimes described as the “Freddie Mercury mustache” because of its cool 80s vibe. It suits oval-shaped faces particularly well.

How Long Does it Take To Grow a Chevron Mustache?
It varies. For best results, give it two to three months to allow your facial hair to grow dense, then shape it into a chevron style. Facial hair typically grows half an inch per month but it’s worth the wait.

How Do I Maintain My Chevron Mustache?
Grooming after you’ve trimmed your mustache is important to keep it looking tip top. Wash and dry your face daily. Brush down with a beard comb. Smooth on some beard softener to keep your Chevron Mustache looking neat. Trim occasionally to keep those sharp lines looking sharp.

Can I Grow a Chevron Mustache with a Beard?
Short answer: Yes. We recommend a shorter beard style with a modern Chevron Mustache to enhance the look. A Goatee and Chevron Mustache make a flattering and stylish combination.

Chevron Mustache: with stubble or without?
All down to your personal taste. A Chevron Mustache minus stubble is ultra-neat and more military aka “Ron Swanson,” while neatly trimmed stubble is more relaxed. Your call.

What to use

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