A man with a classic goatee style.

How to Do a Goatee

The Goatee sets the foundation for many facial hair styles. It’s ideal for most face and chin shapes. And can add length to the face and enhance a soft jawline. When worn in a wider form under the chin, the Goatee can help to minimize a more pointed chin.

How to Do the Goatee Step-by-Step

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    Clean Face to Start
    For best results, start with 2-3 weeks of facial hair. Before you trim, use a styling comb to brush the beard in the direction of hair growth. This helps to get an even trim.

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    Define the Shape
    Shave your cheeks and throat clean. Define the goatee shape as you go.

  • 3

    Trim Under Chin
    Using your Wahl trimmer, remove your chin whiskers, leaving hair only on the region below the boundary of the mouth. This hair may be trimmed short or groomed to a longer point.

  • 4

    Trim Whiskers
    Shave below your lower lip, trimming the Soul Patch whiskers to your preference.

  • 5

    Finish up the Corners
    Clear the area between the corners of your mouth and the chin, forming a sharp boundary where your chin whiskers begin.

Your Questions About Goatees Answered.

How much facial hair do you need to grow a Goatee?
To achieve this look, you will need at least 2-3 weeks of facial hair growth around the bottom of the chin up to the mouth.

Should you wash or moisturize a Goatee every day?
Simple answer: yes. Even if you don’t plan to trim your Goatee daily, make a habit of washing and moisturizing to keep your face clean and healthy and avoid itchy, spotty or irritated skin.

How do you keep a Goatee looking good and feeling smooth?
After showering, or washing and moisturizing, use a dab of beard balm. It makes combing your Goatee easier, stops it from curling and prevents it from getting dry and brittle.

How often should I trim my Goatee?
To keep the clean lines of your style, pay attention to the stubble around it. It will grow out quickly. We recommend shaving or trimming your stubble a couple of times a week depending on how fast your hair grows.

What to use

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Wahl offers trimmers and grooming kits that let you achieve the look you want and keep it looking great.

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Your Questions About Goatees Answered.

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