Find the Perfect Massager for You

For best results we recommend someone else give you a massage using one of our massagers. When giving yourself a massage, follow our guides as best as possible. Certain body areas may be hard to reach. Do not move out of your normal range of motion as it could cause injury. Switch hands or take a short break after extended use. If you experience any pain or numbness in your hand, stop using the massager.

What is your problem area?

Major Joints

A regimen of both massage and stretching usually helps aching knees. Begin by massaging the quadriceps muscles (large upper leg muscles above the knee), which contain the trigger points often associated with knee pain. With legs stretched out in front of you, begin with a firm massage of the front/center of the quad, using short, repeated strokes in one direction. Next, massage the inner thigh, just above the knee, using the same technique, followed by a firm massage of the length of the outer thigh.

A gentle massage of the kneecap should follow, which will relax ligaments, tendons and muscles. Begin with the top of the kneecap, moving outward with short stokes. Follow with circular motions around the kneecap, followed by a gentle massage of the base of the kneecap.

Finish by stretching the muscles that support the knees: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and hip abductor muscles.