Find the Perfect Massager for You

For best results we recommend someone else give you a massage using one of our massagers. When giving yourself a massage, follow our guides as best as possible. Certain body areas may be hard to reach. Do not move out of your normal range of motion as it could cause injury. Switch hands or take a short break after extended use. If you experience any pain or numbness in your hand, stop using the massager.

What is your problem area?


Starting at the top of the scalp and using circular strokes, work down over the scalp, across the temples, and the back of the head.

If a facial massage is desired, start at the bridge of the nose and, using circular motions, work your way outward toward the side of the head. Be careful to stay away from the eyes. To treat the forehead, start near the bridge of the nose and work your way outward over the eyebrows.

Then move from the outer corner of the eye, working in an up and down motion toward the middle of the forehead. Repeat this process from the opposite side.