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5 Grooming Questions Guys Don’t Want to Ask but Need to Know

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Top Grooming Tips for Men: Common Questions Answered

Things you should never ask: how old are you? Are you really going to eat all of that? When are you expecting (unless you’re really sure)? On top of questions guys shouldn’t ask, are the questions guys don’t want to ask—personal grooming questions. Some guys learn from their dad or male figure, others learn from a nice incognito web browser window and others just never learn at all. Here are the 5 areas of grooming that guys don’t want to ask, but need to know about.

1. How to trim & manage eyebrows

Grooming your eyebrows is something that’s often forgotten. On one end, we want you to say no to the unibrow, but on the other, we want you to maintain your masculine and natural look. To do this, grab your Lighted Detailer Lithium Battery Trimmer and attach the detail trimmer head with the eyebrow guide comb attachment. Moving slowly, follow the direction of hair growth and trim. Once you have trimmed to your desired eyebrow length, it’s time to touch up. Grab a pair of tweezers to pluck any isolated hairs above, below and in between your brows.

2. Trimming nose hair

First things first—blow your nose. For real, your nose must be clean before operating the trimmer. Grab your detailer trimmer and attach the rotary head for proper nose trimming. Slowly (and carefully) navigate the nasal cavity by moving the trimmer in and out of each nostril. Insert the trimmer about 1/4-inch into each nostril. Keep the side of the cutting head against the skin to eliminate the tickling sensation. Lastly, blow your nose again to ensure any loose hairs are out and you’re ready to take on the day sneeze-free.

3. Trimming ear hair

Ear hair isn’t a good look. But we’re here to help you get rid of it. First step: make sure your outer ears are clean of any wax build-up by cleaning each ear with a cotton swab or tissue. Next, make sure you have your detailer trimmer , but this time with the rotary head attached. Slowly, and carefully, insert the trimmer no more than 1/4-inch into the outer ear. Then, simply move the trimmer back and forth along the edges of the ear to remove those pesky hairs. When you’re finished, wipe off your trimmer and wipe out your ears with a towel or tissue.

4. Trimming body hair

Chest and back hair are normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. However, if you have too much and it’s a little unruly, it’s time to take some action. First, you need a cordless trimmer that can cut through the dense hair that grows on your body. A powerful trimmer that can shave, trim and detail is perfect for this type of job. Our Lithium Ion+ MultiGroom Trimmer is designed for all your grooming needs and has a comfortable-to-hold handle that makes gripping the trimmer easy. Start with a longer guide comb and go shorter as needed. Slowly, glide your trimmer over your chest, back, etc. until you reach the length you’re looking for.

5. Trimming sensitive skin areas

Anytime you are grooming sensitive areas such as your neck or below the belt, you should be careful, take your time and use quality products. As with grooming any area, start by making sure you’re clean. Hop in the shower, dry off and then grab your trimmer and a hand mirror. You’ll want to use a powerful, high-quality trimmer that you're comfortable with for easy navigation. Keep in mind that these grooming areas require patience, so take your time.

Start with a longer guard and cut with the hair growth. It’s better to remove a little at first and then go back and remove more if you desire. Once trimmed, rinse yourself off with cool water, dry and then apply a light, unscented lotion. Some guys like to maintain a weekly touch-up, but repeat as you see fit.

Don’t worry, this conversation never happened. But, if you have a few more on-the-record questions, check out our advice on trimming your beard and cutting your hair, too. Find the right tools for any grooming task. Shop our full line of clippers , trimmers , shavers and beard & hair care products .

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