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How to Clean a Beard Trimmer

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5 Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Beard Trimmer

Your beard is a masterpiece, and just like Michelangelo and Van Gogh had their tools, you have yours. You can bet Michelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel with an old, ratty paintbrush, so you shouldn’t trim your beard with any less-than-stellar tools. Your trimmer is key to maintaining your magnificent man-mane, so you need to properly care for it.

A high-quality Wahl trimmer should last you many years, but only if you treat it right. Luckily, we’re here to help you keep your trimmer around for a good (and long) time. Here’s how to clean and maintain your beard trimmer.

1. How to Oil Trimmer Blades

You may have been too excited unpacking your new Wahl trimmer to notice exactly what was in the box, or maybe you thought we messed up and accidentally included some of those fancy essential oils you hear about.

But there’s a purpose behind that little bottle of oil included with each trimmer, and that’s to oil your trimmer blades. You should oil your trimmer regularly to ensure proper operation. When you use your trimmer without oiling the blades, you might notice your trimmer overheating, making a loud noise or not trimming as it should.

For best results, put one to two drops of Wahl Blade Oil on the blades needed.

To properly oil a beard trimmer:

  • Turn on your trimmer and hold it with blades facing downward.
  • While the trimmer is on, squeeze three drops of oil across the front of the blade and one drop on each side of the blade heel.
  • Wait about five seconds, then switch the trimmer off and wipe away any excess with a clean cloth.
  • Do not over oil as this can cause damage to the trimmer’s motor.

2. How Often to Oil Beard Trimmer Blades

For best results, put one to two drops of Wahl Blade Oil on the blades approximately once a month, or as needed.

3. How to Clean Your Beard Trimmer

After each use, clean your trimmer with the included brush or remove the head (do it over the sink for easy clean-up), rinse with water and then allow to air dry before reattaching. Don’t put your trimmer away wet. If your trimmer is waterproof, simply rinse with water to remove excess hair. Again, ensure it’s dry before you put it away.

4. When to Get a New Trimmer Blade

Just like a trusty toothbrush, trimmer blades have an expiration date. But, unlike a toothbrush, trimmer blades should last years and years before needing replacement.

When the time comes, you may notice your trimmer’s blades have rust on them or are pulling your hair. This means it’s time for new blades. Dull blades pull at your hair instead of cutting it, leaving your beard uneven, unruly and undesirable. Don’t let your beard suffer and pick up a shiny new trimmer blade or trade up to a new trimmer.

5. How to (and Why) Charge a Beard Trimmer

Avoid that half-beard trim by fully charging your trimmer before use. To keep the battery working to its full potential, be sure to completely charge your trimmer every time you plug it in.

Plugging your trimmer in here and there for a few minutes is the equivalent of taking a shot of espresso—great in the moment, but you can expect a crash later in the day. Before you attempt to trim your whiskers, make sure your trimmer is fully charged to ensure it’s working to its maximum ability.

Following these tips will ensure your trimmer stays in tip-top shape. But, if you didn’t get the memo and your poor trimmer is already KO’ed, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you are having problems with your Wahl Trimmer, send it prepaid with a note explaining the problem to: Wahl Clipper Corporation, Attn: Repair Department at 3001 N. Locust Street, Sterling IL, 61081. Or, if you need a new trimmer entirely, you can shop Wahl’s full line of men’s grooming products, including trimmers, clippers, shavers and beard & hair care products.

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