Your Expert Guide to Manscaping

Manscaping. It’s here to stay. And we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about trimming those “nether nooks.”

What is manscaping? The dictionary says, “trimming pubic hair for cosmetic effect,” but it’s so much more than that. Male grooming is about self-care, good hygiene – and confidence – really helping yourself feel good.

Before you dive right in, you’re going to need a few things: the right tools for the job, a style you like and this helpful expert guide. Master those things, and you’ll be pruning those privates like a pro.

What is the best manscaping tool? Start by finding a body hair trimmer you trust. #1 for safety is the Wahl® Manscaper®. Its wrap-around safety guard and safe-touch blade all but guarantee a smooth, snag-free finish.

How do I trim pubic hair? We’ll get to that below in our step-by-step guide. Before you start trimming it’s important you have an end goal, whether it’s a quick trim all over or a much balder move. Consult the Manscaper® Style Finder for ideas and follow the steps below to achieve your new look.

Your 7-Step Manscaping Guide

Start Clean & Keen.

Start with a steamy shower (or bath) to clean and soften up those short and (or) long curlies. Ensure the Manscaper® is clean and powered-up. Turn off the shower and towel off to make sure your hair is clean and dried off. Wet hair is heavier and could give you patchy results.

Tame any Tangles.

Just like with a haircut or beard trim, you’ll want to gently comb out any snarls or tangles if you have them. Go slow at first to avoid painful pulls and jabs. After your hair is clear of obstructing tangles, you’re ready to get pruning.

Kick it into Gear.

Set your electric body trimmer to the length you want. If you are a novice, set the trimmer to its longest position for a longer trim. And set it to progressively shorter lengths as you work your hair into the style you want. It’s best to take off a little at a time.

Go with the Flow.

So what direction is best to shave pubic hair? Gently trim in the direction your hair naturally grows and avoid cutting against the grain as much as possible.

Style with Precision.

Using your free hand, pull your skin taut as you get to shorter lengths to avoid folds of skin entering the guard or trimmer blade area.

Don’t Overdo It.

To avoid irritating sensitive skin, make as few passes as possible as you get into the shorter lengths. Remember to go gently and slowly.

Review Your Work.

Use a compact mirror to view hard-to-reach areas to ensure everything looks neat, and there are no strays that might poke through your clothing. Clean up the evidence – and you’re all done!

5 Manscaping Mistakes to Avoid

One of the rights of passage is learning how to shave. Your dad probably taught you how. And, while dad made it clear how to navigate a razor and beard trimmer on your face and neck, he probably didn’t get into visiting the Nether Region, right? The good news—we got your back, well, your front, with some common manscaping mishaps you can avoid.

...and ways to Protect your Precious Cargo

1. Exercising Pubic Safety

DON'T risk your crown jewels to just any trimmer. All roads lead to nicks, cuts and burning rashes. When it comes to manscaping, safety comes first, second and third.

DO invest in an electric body trimmer, like the Wahl® Manscaper®. It’s not only #1 for safety, but it also trims snag-free. Its patented wrap-around guard and no-nick blade will protect your precious cargo for years to come.

2. Scope Out a Good Spot

DON'T groom in the office bathroom or (oh, the horror of it) home kitchen. Prune your privates – in private. Plus, no-one wants to clean up after you. No-one.

DO opt for a locked bathroom. Steam up the shower (or bath) to soften the short and curlies. Turn off the shower. Towel off the area you plan to trim. Stay relaxed, focused and undisturbed. Now you’re ready to groom safely, my friend.

3. Let it Grow? No!

DON'T get overgrown. If it’s a forest down there, and you’re not making the most of your assets by not being able to see the tree through the forest if you get my drift. Plus, all that foliage is a haven for sweat, bacteria, even squirrels! Maybe. Who knows?

DO guys! It’s 2024. Style matters. Keep it neat. Experiment with style and shape. Whether you’re all about the Jungle Jim or an Hairless Mister, opt for a pubic hair style that keeps you healthy, comfortable and confident.

4. Make a Bald Move?

DON'T rush grooming below the belt. Shaving pubic hair off in one go (aka: full-on Hairless Mister) can be quite a shock, especially if you shave against natural hair growth. Sure, it will grow back but who wants to walk like there’s a ferret in your pants until it does?

DO set your electric trimmer to its longest setting. Trim in the direction of your natural hair growth. Take the ends first, then go shorter, like you might with a beard trim. To avoid irritating sensitive skin, you should make as few passes as possible as you get into the shorter lengths. Remember to go gently and take it slow.

Manscaping tip: Wondering what length to trim pubic hair? The Wahl Manscaper® offers 20 trim lengths. Use a higher number for longer hair and set the dial to a smaller number for a closer shave down there.

5. Think Full Package

DON'T trim just the package area. Avoid leaving coarse strays to poke through a shirt or tumbling out the front or back of swim shorts. No one wants to be that guy on the beach.

DO Use an electric body trimmer like the Wahl Manscaper® to level out hair around your lower waist, thighs, as well as pubic hair. When tackling your undercarriage, use your trimmer in one hand and keep delicate skin taut with the other. When done, take a moment to review your manscaping prowess (shorts on or off) in good light and in a full-length mirror (front and back). Use a compact mirror for hard-to-see places to ensure you didn’t miss any stray hairs.

Manscaping tip: Wahl® has a full range of Manscaping tools to prune you from nose to nether regions (and beyond). Find them in Walmart stores or at

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