Find Your “Shave Down There” Style

As a guy, choosing the right hair and beard style is important. Why should grooming below the belt be any different? Just like each package is unique, the style of trim should be too.

Using an electric body trimmer such as the Wahl Manscaper®, the safest tool of its kind for below-the-belt grooming, prevents nicks and cuts, and enables you to safely prune those short and curlies into a myriad of pubic hair styles and shapes.

Whether you’re looking to groom a little – or a lot – here are the top manscaping styles and how to “trim around your trunk” in confidence.


It’s a (neatly trimmed) forest down there.

What is it: A light, even, all-over trim leaving healthy “leaves” and a nice exposure of the trunk. The fast, easy way to make a man feel fresh and confident while still leaving plenty of foliage.

Who is it for: The no-nonsense guy who likes to let it all hang out, has little time for manscaping downstairs yet does not want Neanderthal nether regions.

How to manscape: Trim the ends of all areas of pubic hair, under carriage, and thighs to an even length. For best results, review with a hand mirror to ensure perfect pruning.

Recommended tool: Wahl Manscaper®

Manscaping tip: Wondering what length to trim your pubic hair? Trim the ends first, then go shorter, like you might with a beard trim. The Wahl Manscaper® offers 20 trim lengths. Use a higher setting for longer hair and turn the dial to a smaller number for a closer shave down there.


Make the most of that package

What is it: A precision style that makes a statement: a close trim with a small flourish of “leaves” above the trunk. Popular for giving the illusion of a larger trunk.

Who is it for: The guy who likes the wind in his hair – but not down there. Popular with sportsmen or the well-groomed traveler (yes, it’s Speedo® friendly).

How to manscape: Trim closely (in direction hair grows) across the pubic area, around the “coconuts,” leaving a small area of pubic hair, neatly pruned above the trunk.

Recommended tool: Wahl Manscaper®


Get the best of both worlds.

What is it: This style pairs the leafy comfort of the Full Monty at the top of trunk with the freedom of the Beach Bod and its closely trimmed “coconuts” swinging below.

Who is it for: The cautious visionary. Part go-getter, part Zen master. A good intermediary style to try before going full-on Empty Nester.

How to manscape: Trim closely (in direction of hair growth) across the pubic hair area, around the “coconuts,” leaving about half the length to reveal a bush of neatly pruned “leaves” at the trunk. For a more manicured look, select a shorter length around the trunk and a longer length as you move into denser foliage above.

Recommended tool: Wahl Manscaper®


Free and clear down there.

What is it: The everything-off approach. This closest-cut trim across the pubic area and “chestnuts” makes a bold statement.

Who is it for: Smoother operators who like a neat, clean whistle and are dedicated to a successful and healthy lifestyle. This man is fully invested in his grooming regimen.

How to manscape: Use the Wahl Manscaper® with your dominant hand and a compact mirror in the other to ensure uniform smoothness. Trim closely (in direction hair grows) across pubic hair area, “chestnuts” and thighs.

Recommended tool: Wahl Manscaper® or Manscaper® Shaver

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