Nether Region: Style Finder

As a guy, choosing the right hair and beard style is important. Why should grooming in the Nethers be any different?

Using an electric body trimmer such as the Wahl® Manscaper®, the safest tool of its kind for below-the-belt grooming, prevents nicks and cuts, and enables you to safely trim your leafy jungle into the pubic hair style you want.

Whether you’re looking to groom a little – or a lot – here are the top manscaping styles and how to safely navigate the Nether Region.

Find Your “Shave Down There” Style

Jungle Jim

It’s a (neatly trimmed) forest down there.

What is it: A light, even, all-over trim leaving healthy “leaves” and a nice exposure of the trunk. The fast, easy way to make a man feel fresh and confident while still leaving plenty of bushy foliage.

Who is it for: The no-nonsense guy who likes to let it all hang out, has little time for manscaping downstairs yet does not want a Neanderthal Nether Region.

Get the Jungle Jim: Trim the ends of all areas of pubic hair, under carriage, and thighs to an even length. For best results, review with a hand mirror to ensure a nice even forest.

Recommended tool: Wahl® Manscaper®

Wondering what length to trim your pubic hair? Trim the ends first, then go shorter, like you might with a beard trim. The Wahl® Manscaper® offers 20 trim lengths. Use a higher setting for longer hair and turn the dial to a smaller number for a closer shave down there.

Banana Beach

Make the most of that package

What is it: A precision style that makes a statement: a close trim with a small flourish of “leaves” above the trunk. Popular for giving the illusion of a larger trunk.

Who is it for: The guy who likes the wind in his hair – but not down there. Popular with sportsmen or the well-groomed traveler (yes, it’s Speedo® friendly).

Get the Banana Beach: Trim closely (in direction hair grows) across the pubic area, around the “coconuts,” leaving a small area of pubic hair, neatly pruned above the trunk.

Recommended tool: Wahl® Manscaper®

High Tide

The buzz cut for your Nether Region

What is it: Minimalist, cool, the High Tide delivers a short crop all over. This shorter length style is great for warmer climates and popular for its ease.

Who is it for: The guys who likes to be in style and on point. A good intermediary style to try before going full-on Hairless Mister.

Get the High Tide: Trim closely (in direction of hair growth) across the pubic hair area, around the “coconuts,” and into the “Thighlands.”

Recommended tool: Wahl Manscaper®

Hairless Mister

Free and clear down there.

What is it: The everything-off approach. This closest-cut trim across the pubic area and “coconuts” makes a bold statement.

Who is it for: Smooth operators who like a neat, clean look and are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. This man is fully invested in his grooming regimen.

Get the Hairless Mister: Use the Wahl® Manscaper® with your dominant hand and a compact mirror in the other to ensure uniform smoothness. Trim closely (in direction hair grows) across pubic hair area, “coconuts” and thighs.

Recommended tool: Wahl Manscaper® or Manscaper® Shaver

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