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How to Trim the Short Boxed Beard

The Short Boxed Beard (sometimes called a corporate beard) is a neatly trimmed alternative to Full Beard, minus volume or thickness. It’s closely cropped, neatly groomed, and follows your beard’s natural shape. Complements angular, oval, heart-shaped or round faces. Never goes out of style.

How to Shave the Short Boxed Beard Step-by-Step

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    Start with a Clean Face
    Wash and dry your face before you trim. Then use a styling comb to brush your facial hair in the direction of hair growth.

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    Trim away Strays
    Shave away the stray whiskers from the less dense areas of your cheeks. This will highlight cheekbones and other bone structure before you begin to define the sloping contours from your sideburns.

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    Define Beard Shape
    Using the natural borders of your beard growth as a guide, use your Wahl beard trimmer to create a sloping border from your sideburn to the mustache. The key is to remove as few whiskers as possible to keep regular maintenance to a minimum.

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    Match Both Sides
    Repeat the last step on the other side of your face. Try to maintain a balance between both sides of your face so the beard appears symmetrical.

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    Perfect Beard Neckline
    To create a lower border and a smooth, well-defined beard on your neckline, measure 1 to 2 inches (or two finger widths) beneath your jawbone and remove any hair below that line with your trimmer. Ensure you finish with a smooth, natural-looking line by trimming along the neckline under the jawline and along the border at the sides. Short and neat is your goal, blending away the strong line.

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    Maintain Your Beard
    Use your trimmer 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the borders and length. The color and density of your beard will determine its ideal length. Trimming to a 1/4 inch is a good start. Dark beards tend to look fuller than lighter whiskers. If your beard is blonde or red, allow it to grow a little longer to appear full and filled-in.

What You Are Asking About the Short Boxed Beard

How do I Grow a Short Boxed Beard?

Perseverance! If you’re a first-time beardsman, we recommend 1 to 2 inches all over to start, especially if you have lighter or red whiskers to ensure it looks neat and filled in. Then follow the step-by-step instructions above for shaving your Short Boxed Beard.

What Length is a Short Boxed Beard?

There is a level of personal preference here, so ensure you choose a length that suits your beard type best for a neatly groomed, filled in and consistent look all over. Our barbers recommend half or a quarter of an inch in length all over – from your cheek line, sideburns, mustache, and neckline.

What’s a Hollywoodian Vs a Short Boxed Beard?

The Hollywoodian beard harks back to the golden era of Hollywood when actors wanted to show off their chiseled cheekbones. And that’s the key difference between a Hollywoodian and a Short Boxed Beard: shaved cheeks. The Hollywoodian is more dramatic than a Short Boxed Beard. And, because it includes a beard, goatee, and chinstrap, it delivers a slightly more masculine vibe. The Hollywoodian takes more maintenance than the Short Boxed Beard because of the exposed skin on the cheeks. You’ll need to care for your skin and shave it more regularly. But if you want to channel your inner Hollywood star (think Chris Hemsworth) and try the Hollywoodian, go for it!

Is a Short Boxed Beard suitable for work?

Sometimes nicknamed the corporate beard, the Short Boxed Beard is generally considered appropriate for work because it’s short and neatly groomed to the shape of your face. The key here is neat. A well-sculpted Short Boxed Beard is stylish and office friendly even in more conservative settings than a longer or more extravagant style. Many men opt for a Short Boxed Beard for special occasions.

Do I go for a Short, Medium or Long Boxed Beard?

It’s personal preference, a little trial and error and what makes you look – and more importantly feel – great. A Boxed Beard is a desirable choice for most men – as it has a consistent overall length (whether shorter or long) so it looks neat and stylish, and suits, even enhances, most face shapes.

How long (or short) you want to go depends on your hair type. First-timers might want to go for a Long Boxed Beard to start and try a Medium Boxed Beard next time around. Whatever you choose, you got this!

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