A man with the Hollywoodian beard style.

How to Trim a Hollywoodian Beard

Long before Hollywood’s Golden Age, this style was chosen by the rich and famous because we’ve seen this beard in fine paintings and early sculptures. Today it’s wildly fashionable, short, inexpensive, and easy to style. Are you ready to try it?

How to Trim the Hollywoodian Beard Step-by-Step

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    Clean Up to Start
    Ensure you have three to six weeks of beard growth. Wash your face in warm water to open your pores. Towel dry. Then use a styling comb to brush your facial hair in the same direction.

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    Shave Cheeks
    Shave the hair on the upper parts of the cheeks, leaving a line of hair that extends from your ear along the side of your chin. The beard should not connect to the sideburns.

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    Trim Neckline
    With your Wahl beard trimmer, trim hair clean on your neck. Note: You want to leave enough hair around the chin and jawline to create definition.

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    Connect Chin to Mustache
    Leave two vertical strips of hair around the mouth, connecting the chin with the mustache area. Similar to the Western Mustache.

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    Sculpt the Soul Patch
    Grab your trimmer and trim the soul patch to create a perfectly rectangular shape.

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    Beard Balm to Maintain
    Continue to trim the beard as time goes on to maintain this look. It takes five minutes tops to keep this style looking perfectly defined. Style and condition the beard with a dab of beard balm to keep it smelling as good as it looks.

What You Are Asking About the Hollywoodian Beard

How Do I Grow the Hollywoodian Beard?
The beauty of this style: It can be shorter or longer depending on your style and beard quality. Once you’ve put the time in to grow it – anywhere from three to six weeks – all it takes is five minutes to touch it up as part of your grooming routine.

What face shape is best for the Hollywoodian Beard?
Triangular or rectangular-shaped faces get more of a defined jawline with this beard style. But it suits most men. It became popular in Hollywood because it entails shaving off the sideburns and cheeks to allow handsome cheek bones to be captured on film. If you have a patchy beard, this style will suit you because you only need to grow mustache and chin hair, leaving the cheeks and sideburns clean shaven.

What is the difference between a Hollywoodian vs. a Short-Boxed Beard?
Typically, a Short-Boxed Beard needs more hair growth than a Hollywoodian Beard. The Short-Boxed Beard is connected to the sideburns, but the Hollywoodian features clean shaven cheeks and the sideburns.

What celebs have a Hollywoodian Beard?
Ryan Reynolds’ beard, Robert De Niro’s beard or Christian Bale’s beard is reminiscent of the Hollywoodian. Also, Hugh Jackman (when he isn’t sporting his Wolverine Mutton Chops).

What to use

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