A man with the anchor beard goatee style.

How to Trim an Anchor Beard

Wondering what an Anchor Beard is? Think Tony Stark (aka Robert Downey Jr’s beard). Facial hair shaped like a ship’s anchor. A smoothly pointed chin beard, soul patch and a chevron mustache. Charismatic, boldly confident and, yes, creative. Try it – and make it your own.

Trim an Anchor Beard: Step-by-Step

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    Start with a Clean Face
    Ensure you have six to eight weeks of beard growth. Wash and dry your face before you trim your beard. Then use a styling comb to brush your facial hair in the same direction.

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    Clean up Cheeks
    Use your Wahl trimmer to trim your cheeks.

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    Define Your Jawline
    Using your jawline as a guide, remove hair above the jawbone to outline your jaw. Then cut the hair along your jawline down to about 1/2-inch. After that, focus on the outermost edges of the jawline (closest to your ears), where hair should be the shortest. As you move closer to your chin, the hair should get longer, with the longest whiskers directly beneath your chin.

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    Contour the Chin
    Below your lower lip, use your trimmer to remove hair at the corners of your mouth that extend to the sides of your chin.

  • 5.

    Style Your Mustache
    Above the lip, trim a pencil-thin or pyramid-shaped mustache. You can use a bit of mustache wax to create a perfect point or wear it naturally for a softer look.

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    Finish on Point
    Allow the whiskers beneath your chin to grow for a few weeks, trimming with a guide comb to create a smooth pointed shape.

What You Want to Know about the Anchor Beard

What Effect Does the Anchor Beard Give the Face?

The Anchor Beard is a bold style statement that shows you are a Serious Beardsman because it takes careful contouring and a dash of creativity. The results are well worth it because it flatters almost every face. And can be sculpted to enhance your unique features.

The Anchor Beard can elongate a rounder face. It can define your jawline. It’s versatile too if you like to change your look regularly. Go retro with a bushier mustache. Stay classic with a short, neat one. Either way, your Anchor Beard demonstrates your adventurous spirit.

I Have a Patchy Beard – is the Anchor Beard for me?

Sure is. For those with patchy growth, the Anchor Beard can really add some style swagger. Think Johnny Depp’s beard or channel your inner Robert Downey Jr. We can’t guarantee ownership of a pirate boat or superpowers, but we can promise star style appeal.

What is an Anchor Beard vs a Van Dyke Beard?

The Anchor Beard is a style that looks like a ship’s anchor. The beard stretches along the jawline and is contoured to a point. There’s a cool goatee, a pencil-thin mustache, and no sideburns for a crisp, well-defined beard.

The Van Dyke Beard, named after 17th century Flemish painter (and trendsetter) Anthony van Dyke, starts the same way. The difference lies in the chin. The Van Dyke Beard is more of a point and less of a smooth pointed “anchor.” Many celebs are opting for both these beard styles. Pick either one, you cannot go wrong.

How Do I Maintain an Anchor Beard?

To keep your Anchor Beard looking ship-shape, ensure you wash your face daily and keep on top of trimming for those distinct lines. Keeping your skin healthy avoids irritation or rashes. And a frequent dab of beard balm keeps your Anchor Beard looking (and smelling) great.

What to use

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