A man with a pencil-thin beard style.

How to Do a Pencil Beard

If you’re ready to leave your mark on the world, the Pencil Beard may be the beard style for you. It’s a modern, youthful style named for its sharply defined lines, combining elements of the Chinstrap and Circle beards.

How to Do a Pencil-Thin Beard Step-by-Step

  • 1

    Grow your beard for 1 to 2 weeks, or until you reach a consistent growth. Then, using your Wahl trimmer, crop the entire beard down to a quarter inch (1/4").

  • 2

    With the trimmer, carve downwards along your sideburns. Continue outlining along the jawbone and around the circle beard.

  • 3

    Define the shape of your pencil-line beard by trimming around the guidelines you carved.

  • 4

    Check for symmetry and tighten lines with the edge of your Wahl trimmer. As a general rule, the Pencil Beard should maintain the width of your sideburn.

  • 5

    Using your shaver, give the rest of your face and neck a close shave to emphasize the precision of the Pencil Beard.

What to use

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