A man cutting his own hair with a Wahl hair clipper to get a fade cut.

How To Do a Fade Haircut

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Men’s Health Fashion Editor Dan Michel offers tips to achieve the hottest hairstyle

The Fade haircut is a hairstyle we have been seeing for a while now. The Fade looks just as cool in the boardroom as it does on the street. Long on the top and short on the sides is signature to a Fade haircut.

It is a dynamic hairstyle that you can achieve yourself and it can be worn a number of different ways. For a more rockabilly look try a high-and-tight or keep the hair longer on top for a more modern undercut. All you need is a Wahl hair clipper and a little bit of time, and you can get this look yourself.

1. Get the Right Clipper

The Wahl Elite Pro clipper has everything you need to get started. It boasts industry-leading power and precision, self-sharpening blades for snag-free performance and secure-fit guide combs that lock in tight for a smooth haircut.

2. Start With the Longer Guide Comb

You can always go shorter, but you can’t add more hair. Each guide comb gets progressively longer to achieve the length you want.

3. Select the Right Guide Comb Numbers

For a shorter Fade style like mine, you will need a #2, #1 and #7.

  • Start on the sides and back of the hair with a #2, which will be 1/4” hair length. Use a slight rocking motion to blend the sides and back into the top.
  • Now fade. Apply a slightly shorter guide comb, such as the #1, and cut halfway up the sides and back of your head, stopping at the same point each time.
  • For the top of the hair, apply a slightly longer guide comb, such as the #7 for 7/8” length of hair. Go against the grain, moving front to back, for an even cut.

4. Do the Detail Work

For a well-groomed look, make sure to trim closely around your ears and neckline.

5. Make it Yours

The Fade is the foundation of many great styles. Whether you're a corporate guy or a creative, wear this look with confidence. It's polished, but with a bit of an edge.

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Dan Michel is a New York-based writer and editor who writes about style, grooming, fitness, tech, and trends across a number of publications, including Men's Health, Men's Journal, Bloomberg Pursuits, Rolling Stone, and OUT, among others. He holds undergraduate and graduates degrees from the Missouri School of Journalism, and he's currently the fashion and market editor at Men's Health. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter: @iamdanmichel.

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