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The Upside to Upkeep Grooming

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Why & How Regular Pet Grooming is a Must

Little touch ups can make a big difference in your dog’s appearance.

Your pup can go from looking groomed to grown-out in a matter of weeks. When things start looking awry, do yourself – and your dog – a favor with a quick clean up. Grooming doesn’t have to happen quite as often, or be such a big job, with some simple grooming maintenance on key areas.


Scraggly paws are often the first sign it’s time for a touch up. If you have a medium to long coat dog, you will find that fur grows over their nails, between their toes and on the bottom of their paws between their pads. Scissors can be used to trim excess fur on the top of the paw and in a shape that outlines the natural profile of their paw. Clippers are a great way to easily clean up the fur in between the paw pads. This quick clean up goes a long way, as it can keep fur from matting and prevent dirt and moisture from accumulating. It also makes clipping your dog’s nails easier. Finally, between these trims, refresh wipes are another great way to keep feet neat and clean.


There’s nothing like click-clacking on hardwood floors to let you know your dog is overdue for a nail trim. Walking on hard surfaces puts pressure on the nail bed which can cause discomfort and even pain for your pup. What’s more, long nails can break leading to a litany of infections and complications. Typically, nails should be trimmed every two weeks and it’s easier than you may think with the wide array of nail clippers available. The general rule of thumb is to clip where the nail makes a defined curve down towards the floor. This is to avoid snipping the quick which is the vein and nerve that runs into every nail and can result in bleeding.

Eyes & Ears

Your pup’s sweet face is probably your favorite thing about him, so keep him looking his best by paying attention to the fur around his eyes and ears. Not all breeds require routine trimming around the eyes, but if they do, the right trimmer or a blunt-nosed scissors is recommended. Not only will your dog be able to see better, but it will keep hair out of your dog’s eyes, which can scrape their eyeball and aid in spreading bacteria. In addition to seeing you, hearing you say “good boy,” is also on the top of your dog’s wish list. So if your dog sprouts excess hair within his ear, use a blunt-nosed scissors or approved trimmer to remove it being careful to stay clear of the ear canal.


Being bushy-tailed isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be – it can mean uninvited burs and twigs following your pet around. Not to mention avoiding the mess that can come from doggy-doo-doo. Simply brush the fur dangling from the underside of the tail and trim the ends to the length you would like it to be. You can also trim up below the base of the tail to clean up any excess fur that may attract mess and become matted and uncomfortable.


It’s hardly uncommon for dogs to roll around in the grass, or in anything else they may find appealing. This may be common, but you probably don’t want to cuddle up with your dog after one of these romps. Giving your pup a quick refresh is simple with no-rinse shampoo. It can be used between baths for cleaning up, moisturizing, and leaves your dog smelling fresh.

Proper grooming is the key to a healthier, happier dog. It doesn’t have to be a chore, and in fact, it can be a bonding experience both you and your dog will look forward to.

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