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Grooming Your Pet for Special Occasions

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We all want to look our best for special occasions and holidays. Our pets are no different. And when hosting a house full of people or bringing a pet to a special gathering, the last thing you want is a dirty dog. Luckily, there are some quick and not so messy ways to make your dog event-ready.

Plan Ahead

Remember that a trim or clip will last about 4-6 weeks. For dogs to look their best for special occasions, it’s a good idea to groom them about a week before the big day. That way, they’ll have some time to adjust to a shorter trim and to get comfortable with their new looks. If dogs are meeting new people or going to a new place, it’s not the time for them to be getting used to a new haircut, too. Especially if your dog experiences any grooming-related stress and excitement, you’ll want to make sure that there is plenty of time to relax before the next big event so that your special occasion is a positive experience. Bathing dogs the day of an event is okay, but make sure there is enough time for their coat to completely dry before they go outside. In the meantime, continue brushing the coat and spraying it with doggie deodorant to maintain a fresh smell and a soft coat.

For that Just Groomed Look

Dogs always look like they’ve just been groomed when you brush their coats with a coat conditioner before they make their grand entrances. It’s okay to increase weekly brushings for a short time in the days leading up to a special event, but remember to resume your regular grooming schedule once the excitement dies down. That will keep your dog’s coat healthy and soft and prevent damaging the skin. For dogs that shed, running through their coats with a 2 in 1 Double Row Rake with shedding blade a day or two before you entertain is a quick way to prepare both your dog and your home for visitors. Spraying doggie deodorant or coat conditioner on your dog’s coat and running a pin brush carefully through any trouble spots is an easy way to help your dog get ready in a pinch.

Comfortable & Camera-Ready

During the holidays, many people want their pets to look extra festive. If that means dressing your pet in outfits or accessories, remember that your dog’s eyesight, movement and comfort should never be compromised. And make sure none of those accessories have small or toxic pieces that your dog could eat. Keep convenient grooming products on hand and develop a regular grooming routine that includes brushing and odor management. It will help your dog look great throughout the year. It will also allow you to make quick touch-ups that help your dog smell fresh, feel soft and stay comfortable at special occasions.

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