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Don’t Let Your Beard Care Go To The Dogs

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How to Clean Your Beard

An article from USA Today pitted two of man’s favorite things against each other: dogs and beards, and the cleanliness of both. The study tested the hair of 18 bearded men against the fur of 30 dirty dogs to see which was responsible for more germs. And unfortunately, bearded men were not the lucky winners.

We hate to say that man’s best friend betrayed you on this one guys, but it seems the dogs have been doing their best to keep clean. However, you haven’t lost the fight yet. With the simple steps below, you can make sure to keep your beard clean, fresh, and smelling nice.

Step 1: Wash your beard…with an actual beard wash

How often you wash your beard is up to you, but the overruling consensus is that your facial hair, just like your head hair, must be washed regularly—and with suds designed for beard follicles. Don’t just use any old soap lying around either, the hair on your face requires something a little more special than the hair on your head.

The skin on your face is thin and often very sensitive. To avoid irritation or breakouts, it’s important to use a formula that is gentle enough for the face. To properly care for that luscious face and its fur, you should invest in a high-quality beard wash.

A quarter-sized dab of Beard Wash helps exfoliate dead skin cells which can lead to ‘beardruff,’ a condition that causes small flakes of skin to appear in the hair often accompanied by itchiness.

Our beard wash includes a special formula of essential oils called the W-Blend. This formula includes Clove Oil to condition the beard, Manuka Oil to cleanse, Meadowfoam Seed Oil to soften and Moringa Oil to moisturize. Each work together to give your beard that top dog care while keeping those fabulous follicles squeaky (toy) clean and fresh.

Step 2: Deep condition your beard

Just as your head requires conditioner, your beard begs for moisture, so don’t leave it hanging. After thoroughly washing your beard, grab your beard softener and dab a small amount onto your finger and rub your hands together. Work your hands through your beard, evenly applying the softener to each whisker. Your beard (and your partner) will be grateful.

Step 3: Let it shine

Lastly, after all this special care you’ve taken on your beard, you may want a ‘lil something extra to regain your shine. Once your beard is completely dry, massage a couple of drops of Beard Oil into your beard. Our superior formula is carefully curated for you, to leave your beard looking healthy, feeling great, and smelling fresh.

Adopting these simple steps into your routine will not only help you feel better about your beard but reassure those around you that your beard is cleaner than Fido. Shop Wahl’s full line of Beard & Hair Care. And if your squeaky clean beard makes Fido jealous, let him know Wahl has his back with a full pet grooming lineup that includes shampoo, deodorant, wipes and brushes.

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