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Keeping it Clean When Traveling With Your Dog

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Pet Essentials You Need for Traveling

Traveling with your dog is a great experience but requires being ready for whatever comes your way. Having the right supplies on hand to keep dog hair and dirt outside—where it belongs—is essential to keeping you and everywhere you go clean and tidy. While packing for your pet may seem like a walk in the park, a few missed items could lead to a very uncomfortable, sticky or even stinky situation. So before you head out with your dog for a long vacation or an overnight at a hotel or friend's house, here are a few supplies to include.

1. Pet Wipes

Muddy paws, dirty snout…all can be transformed with the swipe of a wipe. Our pet wipes make cleaning up your dog, your car interior or your friend’s couch fast and convenient.

2. Pet Brush

Traveling short or long distances can be stressful on our pets. One common way dogs handle stress is by shedding. To nip this in the bud, try brushing your dog before and after car rides. A good option to have on hand is a large bristle pin brush. It not only collects loose fur and detangles the coat, but it also has a calming effect.

3. Doggie Deodorant

To quickly remove foul odors and not mask them consider our Doggie Deodorant. The spray is safe for people and pets so it can be used directly on your dog, as well as your car, hotel comforter, carpeting, furniture or even clothing.

4. Waterless Pet Shampoo

Okay, so giving your dog a bath is not exactly at the top of your travel plans, but that doesn’t mean he’ll refrain from rolling in something he shouldn’t. An easy solution is a No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo. It comes in a travel-friendly 7-ounce bottle and you simply apply the foam and massage into your dog’s coat. No water is necessary.

Packing these pet products will prepare you for cleaning and grooming your pet if things get hairy. And it’s a great way to keep everyone traveling happy and healthy.

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