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9 Most Adorable Ways to Photograph Your Puppy

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9 of the Best Puppy Poses for Pictures

Puppies are adorable--it's a fact. But they don't stay puppies forever. That’s why it’s essential to capture those many happy—and sometimes frustrating—moments that happen between the time you bring them home and the short time it takes them to fully grow. While it's important to have the right grooming supplies on hand to keep them looking adorable, seizing opportunities to capture those all- too-precious moments is how memories are made. With this in mind, here are the best, most adorable puppy poses and tips on how to get that perfect shot.

1. Begging

There’s nothing more adorable than a new puppy learning how to get stuff from you. And it's hard to argue with their approach—I mean who can resist that face. Dog training 101 says to stop this behavior, but before you do, snap at least one pic. The good news—capturing this shot is as easy as having your camera on hand any time food is nearby.

2. Sleeping

What’s the definition of precious? A young pup taking a nap. This peaceful pose is a staple for any new puppy owner's photo album. To really create that aww factor, consider wrapping them in a doggy blanket...without waking them, of course.

3. Bath time

Your puppy’s first bath is a photo must. But this can be an awkward moment for them as they suddenly realize water is not just for drinking. The key is to make them as comfortable as possible. Start with warm—not hot—water and use a shampoo specially formulated for puppies. Make sure to get at least one photo of them during the bath, when they’re wet and matted, and one after the bath, when they’re wrapped in a towel.

4. Running

Flopping ears and tongue wagging in the wind as your puppy eagerly runs to your arms is pure photo gold, especially in those early months when their legs aren't quite working together with the rest of their body. While simply snapping a pic of her in stride will do, capturing that straight-on shot of her running your way is priceless.

5. Close-up

Puppy dog eyes, wrinkly face, ears too big for his head....your dog will go through many changes during those puppy months, so make sure to get some good close-ups. And if there was ever a time to use that wide-angle lens, this is it.

6. Naughty

Puppies are curious, and who can blame them? That toilet paper roll, shoe and pillow full of fluffy feathers are far more fun when ripped to shreds. While you certainly don’t want to condone this activity, make sure to capture at least one of these mischievous acts for the scrap book. So as not to encourage future damage, try not to smile too much when taking the photo.

7. Dress up

It’s hard to resist the urge to dress up your puppy, especially when the occasion calls for it. Of course the possibilities are endless and there is no shortage of places to find clothing and accessories for your dog. However, when capturing the moment, it’s best to do so quickly as your puppy will likely not sit still for long before trying to remove whatever bows, hats or lady bug costumes you bestow upon them.

8. With Kids

Children and puppies just go together, which is why photos of them playing and cuddling together are practically required. For ultimate adorability, get a shot of them napping together.

9. Cat & Dogs

Conventional wisdom tells us dogs and cats don’t like each other, which might be why no photo is more coveted than PFFs (puppy-feline friends).

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