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How to Maintain the Perfect Playoff Beard

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Sports fan-atics have all kinds of superstitions and beliefs when it comes to their team. Some wear the same outfits, some even refuse to wash away the luck on said outfit, and others prefer the iconic ‘rally cap’. But our personal favorite is the beautiful army of bearded believers, the guys who choose to grow out a playoff beard. The playoff beard originated in the NHL in the 1980s. Since then, the playoff beard grew into other sports, including the NFL and the MLB. When your team makes it to the playoffs, Wahl’s team of facial hair experts has some advice on achieving the lucky playoff beard.

1. Start with a Baby Face

We know, we know. How can you possibly part with the beard? It will grow back, we promise. A playoff beard is grown with the passion and adrenaline found only during the playoffs. Your beard will soon be filled with that same passion from root to tip.

2. DON’T Shave

Shaving while your team is in the playoffs is a total playoff beard sin. Playoff beard rules dictate that a participant may shave once their team loses. Wear that scruff proud. Best not plan your wedding during the playoffs, or find a partner who can appreciate the importance of this beard.

3. Take Care

Whether you normally sport a beard or not, try not to look like the Philly Phanatic. Wahl’s line of beard and hair care products includes a beard wash, beard softener and beard oil to keep that face fresh. Clean the hair on your face just like you would that on your head. Okay, not exactly the same Wahl’s Beard Wash won’t strip away moisture. Whether you’re in the first round of stubble or game seven greatness, beard wash is a crucial first step.

Next, use Wahl’s Beard Softener to condition your facial hair deep to its roots. With your beard clean and soft, the final step of the beard regime is beard oil. Wahl’s Beard Oil can relieve itchiness no matter the length of your scruff. During the fall months, the air grows drier. The Meadowfoam seed oil found in our beard oil can help protect and nourish each hair follicle and the skin below. The fresh, manly scent will be appreciated by your fellow fans as well (even if you aren’t washing that jersey just yet).

4. You Lose, You Shave; You Win, It’s Yours to Keep

Once your team is eliminated, it’s time to say goodbye to the playoff beard. No exceptions. You should be sad. If you shed a tear, we won’t judge. We might even join you. Just because you shave it doesn’t mean you can’t grow it back.

Winners rejoice: if you walk away with the Series title you may choose to bask in your bearded glory a little longer. It's gotten you this far--keep the good looks going. But a little trim couldn't hurt.

Some will win, some will lose, but one thing is for sure--there’s always next season. Whether you need a shaver, trimmer or wet goods to mow down this year's stubble or keep it going, shop Wahl’s full selection of men’s grooming tools here.

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