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Next Stop: Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America

As the Official Sponsor of Facial Hair, we’re taking our massive 30-foot mobile barbershop across the country to celebrate great beards and mustaches.  The destination: The 10 Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America.

This year’s hairy havens made the list based on their vast acceptance of facial hair. Wahl, with the help of research company Engine and a team of facial hair physicists, scanned the online universe for beard and mustache positivity and interest.

The barbershop will be parked at these cities’ most notable events and landmarks, ready and equipped to give guys free trims and grooming advice, for a good cause. For every facial hair trim performed, Wahl will donate $1 to ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer, the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer.

2019 Tour Stops

June 8-9 Bears 100 Celebration Chicago, IL
July 11 Times Square New York, NY
July 18 Liberty Place Philadelphia, PA
Sept. 3 Pioneer Courthouse Square Portland, OR
Sept. 6 Seattle Center Seattle, WA
Sept. 13 Salesforce Tower San Francisco, CA
Sept. 20 Pershing Square Los Angeles, CA
Sept. 26 Gaslamp Square San Diego, CA
Oct. 11 Republic Square Austin, TX
Oct. 18 Atlantic Station Atlanta, GA

Wanted: Next Wahl Man of the Year

Are you a real guy, with really great facial hair? If so, you could be the next Wahl Man of the Year.

While on the road to the 10 Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America Wahl will be on the lookout for guys with great facial hair. Those who have what it takes will be crowned champion of their city and go on to compete for the ultimate Wahl Man of the Year title.

How to Enter

Visit one of the tour stops and get your picture taken by a Wahl representative, or take your own picture and upload it on the Wahl Grooming Facebook page.

Enter the Contest Official Rules

Who is the Man of Your City?