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5 Ways To Change Up Your Look And Stand Out This Summer

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Author Viktor E. Frankl once quipped "when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

This mindset of being primed, ready and “all systems go" involves continually evolving in all facets of life. A man can’t grow unless he makes an honest effort to develop in career, with personal goals, in fitness and especially when it comes to keeping up their appearance.

Guys have a difficult time progressing in their outward presentation after a certain age and tend to choose comfort over appearance. Millions of men don’t give their physical presence much thought and will make excuses like “looking good takes too much time and far too much money.”

This lackluster approach to looking good includes exerting minimum effort into buying clothes, getting a fresh haircut, treating their face correctly or spending just a couple minutes cleaning up their kicks.

Don’t be a guy who just gives up this summer. Whether you’re prepping for a first date, a job interview or swank summer excursion, here are five ways to freshen up your look without spending too much time or money.

1. Go With A Shorter Cut

A 2015 study found that 11 percent of men cut their own hair, but we think this number would be much higher if more guys just gave it a try. The warmer months are a great time to give this new skill a go. For example, why not change it up and make your fade a little tighter. The Wahl Elite Pro Clipper features simple-to-use attachment guards to achieve the perfect length. Just going down one guard length and touching up your sides can give you a whole new look.

If you're feeling really adventurous, or the summer heat just has you sweltering, going for a complete buzz is a bold style that will keep you feeling and looking cool whatever the temperature.

No matter the cut, a great clipper is key to achieving a sharp look. The self-sharpening precision blades on the Wahl Elite Pro cuts hair 40 percent faster than other clippers and are guaranteed to stay sharper longer. What’s more, this clipper has the most powerful motor offered by Wahl. All this means you’ll get more torque and precision for a great looking haircut.

2. Moisturize

Most men don’t spend much time thinking about their face. Ignoring the kisser is a colossal mistake, especially in the warm months when the face can’t help but sweat and collect dirt. Moisturizing improves a man’s overall skin tone and will give off a much younger and more refreshed look. Keeping the skin moisturized and protected wards off premature skin aging and stops wrinkles from settling in.

Begin each day by removing surface dirt and oil. Cleansing twice a day is suggested by dermatologists, once in the morning and again before bed.  This regime allows the moisturizer to penetrate the skin’s surface. And make sure the lotion includes SPF to prevent the sun from aging the skin and avoid skin cancer.

3. Check Your Mouth

Nothing will get a man noticed more than a glowing tan and shimmering white chompers. In a recent study, 74 percent of the women surveyed said good teeth in a mate was essential, and 70 percent admitted they wouldn’t kiss a man with poor oral hygiene.

Besides visiting the dentist twice a year and daily brushing and flossing, getting your teeth pearly white is easier than ever thanks to whitening toothpaste, strips, gum, and mouthwash. Chairside bleaching usually requires only one office visit to the dentist and is covered by most dental plans.

4. Go Bold With Colors

It turns out that men spend more money on apparel and accessories each year than women, but are they dropping cash on the correct clothing?

Each year, men are bombarded with new trends and “must-have” looks. These trends go out of style fast. When it comes down to it, a man needs to stick to the basics to look good, but this doesn’t mean he should avoid color or bold prints.

Tossing in a few function and unforgettable print shirts for the summer season will get a man noticed in a crowd. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with the print, just be sure not to overdo it by adding too many other colors or patterns to the outfit.

5. Switch Up Your Shoe Game

People notice your shoes. Unfortunately, too many men put on a nice pair of pants, freshly pressed shirt, and striking blue blazer and ruin the entire look with scuffed-up and tattered shoes.

Instead of buying new boots and loafers every year, shining old boots and shoes to a military-ready glean will give any man a boost of confidence. And don’t just stop at dress shoes. Keep athletic and fashion sneakers looking tight with just a brush and a simple cleaning solution.

These five uncomplicated style and grooming tips will keep any guy at the top of his game and ready to succeed both in the boardroom, at the bar or just about anywhere.

Posted by Chris Illuminati (Brobible.com)

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Original Publish Date 6/26/2018

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