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Yes, You Can Take an Electric Trimmer on a Plane

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Plus, More Grooming Tips for The Traveling Beard

A wise (and probably bearded) man once said, “vacation is having nothing to do, but having all day to do it,” and we agree. Regardless of destination or length of time, taking a vacation is a good time to relax and enjoy yourself without a care in the world.

However, be careful not to ‘chill out’ too hard and let your grooming regimen fall to the wayside. Going just a few days without proper beard care can be detrimental to the facial hair that you’ve worked so hard to grow. Below is a guide for traveling with a beard trimmer and keeping a low maintenance, yet tidy, vacation beard on your travels.

Whether you’re taking a plane, train or going on a road trip, there are certain travel considerations that are worth knowing to make for a seamless transition from home to vacay. But, before we get to the packing part, let’s first answer the #1 question asked by bearded travelers:

1. Can You Bring Beard Trimmers or Hair Clippers on a Plane?

Traveling with a beard trimmer: Carry-on luggage and checked baggage allow for most electric shavers, trimmers, hair clippers and batteries, so you can bring your shaver, beard trimmer or hair clippers on the plane.

Traveling with lithium batteries: While there are rules against checking spare lithium-ion batteries, you don’t have to worry about our lithium-ion product line because the batteries are already installed.

FAA regulations: In addition, our lithium-ion batteries are 8.1 watts at most, which is well below the FAA regulations. If you have questions or concerns regarding your grooming products, always check with your chosen airline before you fly.

2. Can I Take Beard Oil and Beard Softener in my Carry-on?

Traveling with liquids: If your travels require an airplane trip, be sure to remember TSA regulations. Following the applicable liquids rules will ensure all your products make it on your trip safely.

Packing carefully: While traveling by car or train allows you to bring any number of items, you should still make sure to travel carefully. The last thing you want to do upon arrival is deal with a product leak in your bag or a broken trimmer. To ensure immediate vacation relaxation, pack wet products safely in a kit or travel bag to prevent leaks and store trimmers in a safe compartment to avoid breakage.

3. What Beard Products Should I Pack?

Before you overfill your suitcase with extra items you don’t need and won’t wear, be sure to save a little space for your grooming kit. While some beardsmen opt for the off duty look on vacation, making sure your beard is well maintained is important during your time away.

Travel trimmers: Whether you’re a shaver or trimmer kind of guy, make sure you pack your trusty Wahl products in your bag. If you don’t want to bring your heavy-duty tools, investigate picking up a small but efficient travel trimmer for your stay. You may not need to touch-up your beard every day, but you’ll be thanking the beard gods when you need that quick trim before heading out for the evening.

Beard grooming essentials: We recommend your trusty beard wash, beard balm, beard oil and beard softener. After a day on the beach soaking up the sun, you’re going to need that beard pick-me-up to keep your whiskers looking shiny and fresh.

Serious Beardsmen tip: If you travel for work or simply love to get away, Serious Beardsmen recommend investing in a good quality dopp kit (or toiletries bag) filled with travel-size duplicates of your favorite shaving and styling products.

Not only will it make packing fast and easy, but this will also guarantee your beard stays looking sharp everywhere you go.

4. Travel: Trimmer Lock On or Off?

We advise it. Engage the travel lock to avoid accidental activation. Depending on the trimmer, you may have a different way to turn on the lock. For some Wahl products, hold the power button on your trimmer for three seconds to engage the travel lock.

Then, upon arrival, disengage the travel lock by holding the power button again for three seconds. To learn how to engage the travel lock on your specific device, check your trimmer's instruction booklet or view the digital version on our website.

5. How do I Keep My Beard Looking Sharp on Vacay?

After a long day in the sun, salt, and spray, you’re going to need to wash and care for the hair on your face and the hair on your head. Planning ahead with good quality products designed for your skin, beard and hair really helps. Complimentary hotel shampoo may smell good, but it may not suit your skin type.

Here's what we recommend:

  • Start with a high-quality shampoo you trust — lather, rinse, repeat.
  • Next, care for that magnificent man mane. Use a beard wash that won’t strip away the natural moisture in your beard leaving your face feeling dry.
  • Follow up your wash with a beard softener to keep your whiskers moisturized and ready to take on the night.
  • And lastly, finish it off with a dash of high-quality beard balm or beard oil to sculpt and style your vacation beard to its prime.

Whether you’re packing, on your way or relaxing on vacation, Wahl has you covered. Don't forget to pick up any of the remaining essentials on your vacation beard checklist.

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