Benevolent Beards

Doing good, while looking good?

The Wahl ‘Benevolent Beards’ Contest started this past April with a quest to reward guys who are making the world a ‘bearder’ place to live. The goal was to discover bearded men who are doing good through charitable efforts. Hundreds of men answered the call for a chance to win $20,000 for themselves, and $5,000 for their charity. Five men made the cut, and America’s votes decided the winner and our next ‘Wahl Man of the Year.’

About the Contest

Bearded men from across the country submitted a video of themselves either explaining or demonstrating how they support a charity. What kind of charity? As long as it was a 501(c)(3) organization with a goal to impact the world positively, all charities were considered. Five fuzzy-faced finalists were chosen, but public votes determined the winner.

The Winner

Ryan Baudhuin from Green Bay, WI, is a combat veteran who uses is charity ‘High Point Adventures’ to organize dream hunting trips for veterans struggling with return to civilian life. He says the healing effects of the outdoors saved his life, and it’s now his duty to serve those who have sacrificed so much. He’s able to help even more veterans with the Grand Prize of $20,000 for himself, and $5,000 for his charity. He also takes home the title of ‘Wahl Man of the Year.’

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