Handlebar Mustache

Few styles turn more heads than the Handlebar mustache. From dastardly cartoon villains to ringmasters to ace relief pitchers, the Handlebar Mustache is sure to get you noticed. Happy twirling!

Make it Yours

  • 1

    Stop shaving your upper lip for at least six weeks. Comb your mustache at least once a day and create a part in the middle, combing to the left and right.

  • 2

    Use your Wahl® trimmer to trim the center of the mustache, while allowing the ends to grow long.

  • 3

    Apply mustache wax to each end and roll it back and forth between your fingers to create long, slicked hairs.

  • 4

    Curl the ends using a pen or small round object, repeatedly winding as tight as possible. Remove the pen. Show the world.

What to use

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Additional Mustache Tips

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