7 Signs You’re a Serious Beardsman

7 Signs You’re a Serious Beardsman

There are beardsmen and there is The Serious Beardsman. A man who wears his pride on his face. His beard as a permanent accessory; a statement of his perfectly groomed place in the world.

Chances are, if you are worthy of the title The Serious Beardsman, you already display the trademark traits. But, just to be sure, review the signs below making a mental note of those that apply to you and we’ll reveal at the end if your beardmastery has earned you the prestigious title of Serious Beardsman.

1.You call trimming the hedges “practice.”

Every guy who is serious about his beard understands that it requires skill, precision and practice to perfect the perfect look. Whether you’re trimming the hedges or your chops – you’re going for sharp lines – every time.

2. Your family wouldn’t recognize you without it.

Have you owned a beard so long that when you shave it off, it feels like a part of you is gone? This is a sure sign your beard is part of who you are.

3. You would rather shave your head than your beard.

Not that we’d ask you to choose. But if you find you can let a haircut slide but never a beard trim—you have your answer. (Also look in the bathroom cabinet, if it’s straining with beard accoutrements, we rest our case).

4. Friends can find your beard in a crowd.

You get to the game or music festival. Friends are arriving from disparate locations and different times yet – like a trusty bat signal – your beard corrals the crowd to converge around you.

5. When someone says fix your hair, you grab your beard comb.

There are the wedding photos or the job interviews when someone suggests a little touch-up. You brush the beard, trim and detail – and smooth down the hair as an afterthought.

6. Your beard is a conversation piece at parties.

Along with, “how do you know the host?” And: “what do you do for a living?” the conversation always gets around to your facial glory. And, friend, don’t worry. It deserves its moment in the spotlight.

7. Your beard is a special interest on your dating profile.

You spend so much time on your confidently coiffed whiskers – why not?

See how you score

Scored 5–7 You’re A Serious Beardsman

Congratulations! You are in the highest echelon of beardmastery. You’ve known your beard as long as you’ve known your closest friends. You probably already own a Wahl® PRO SERIES™ High Visibility Trimmer because you, my friend, are The Serious Beardsman.

Scored 3-4? You’re a Beardsman

You love a beard as much as the next man. You’re interested in new styles. And would be up for adding some new tools to your beardcraft belt. Find out more about Beardcraft and the Wahl® PRO SERIES™ High Visibility Trimmer now.

Scored 0–2? You’re a Beardsman in Training

You are a beardsman in progress. You are on the road to beardcraft. Your fuzz shows potential. And so do you. Check out these beardmastery how-to’s now and add the Wahl® PRO SERIES™ High Visibility Trimmer to your Amazon wish list.

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