Parenting Pain is Prevalent, Majority of Moms and Dads are Suffering

Parenting Pain is Prevalent, Majority of Moms and Dads are Suffering

STERLING, Ill. (June 15, 2020) – Being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life, but it’s no secret — raising children can be hard. Besides the stress and worry, it can also take a physical toll on the body. In fact, a majority of moms and dads suffer from pain related to parenting, according to new research commissioned by Wahl, maker of at-home therapeutic massagers. A whopping 65% of survey respondents said they experience pain related to parenting, and nearly half are suffering on a daily to weekly basis.  

“We’ve long suspected there was a correlation between parenting tasks and increased pain,” said Steven Yde, division vice president for Wahl. “That’s why we did this study, we wanted to bring attention to the problem and let parents know there are convenient pain-relief options out there for them.” 

Why are parents hurting?  

The top cause of pain for parents of children up to 5 years old is lifting and carrying equipment such as strollers and car seats. As children get older, the number one cause of pain is from activities like playing with their kids.  

The age and number of children can also affect the probability of pain, for example: parents with kids 2-5 years old are the most likely to experience pain; and parents with 2 or more children are 47% more likely to experience pain on a daily basis compared to parents with 1 child. 

Where are parents hurting? 

According to survey respondents, back pain topped the list of complaints, followed by headaches and then neck pain. These physical ailments also had a further-reaching impact. Sadly, 1 in 3 parents said pain has negatively affected their parenting experience. 

One survey respondent noted, “Pain has made me feel down and not up to it some days, but you have to think about being a good parent and that you’ll be able to persevere.” Another respondent added, “Pain has made me feel guilty that I can’t engage with my child the way I want to.” 

Are kids feeling their parents’ pain? 

While the study found 65% of moms and dads experience pain related to parenting, it also revealed most parents are not letting that pain prevent them from parenting activities. In other words, while pain may affect the quality of a parent’s experience with their kids, parents are determined to not let it affect their kids’ experience with them. 

Survey respondents shared, “I will always do anything my child wants regardless of pain” and “I just push through and deal.” One respondent noted, “I wouldn't say pain has impacted my parenting, but it has made it harder.”  

Pain, Pain, Go Away 

Self-care is a big buzz word right now. The concept of deliberately taking care of our own mental, emotional and physical health is simple in theory, but can be hard in reality — especially for busy parents. 

It would be great to see a chiropractor, go to a yoga class or get a massage every day. But how many parents have the time and money to do that?  Most don’t. In fact, survey respondents said “Time” and “Cost” were the top two obstacles to following a pain management regimen. Forty percent of parents surveyed say they only have a few hours a week for pain management and 20% said they had no time at all.  

So what can parents in pain do? At-home massage tools are a convenient and affordable pain relief option; yet, 80% of survey respondents have never tried them. That’s a lot of parents missing out on the advantages of massage. For example, the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager relieves muscle tension, decreases inflammation, reduces pain intensity and improves recovery. One of the most powerful handheld massagers on the market, it offers customized relief through a combination of interchangeable heads and variable intensity control.  

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Editor’s Note: The methodology of the Parents & Pain research involved an online survey conducted within the United States by Hoffman York on behalf of Wahl Clipper Corporation from May 19-24, 2020. Survey results based on responses from 1,047 parents with children ages newborn to 17 years old, and a nearly equal mix of men and women. 

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