A woman using a Wahl handheld massager to massage her upper back.

How to Use Massage to Manage Neck & Upper Back Pain

Massage can help reduce tension and stress in the neck and upper back.

Massaging Your Neck & Upper Back Step-by-Step

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    With a handheld massager , massage each shoulder toward the back of your neck to the point just behind and below your ear. Then, go back to your shoulder. Repeat several times. You can also use a specifcally designed back and neck massager .

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    When massaging the upper back, start from the spine and using short strokes to work your way outward towards the underarm. (Again, be careful not to come in contact with the spinal area.)

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    DO NOT use the massager over your spine, abdomen or below the rib cage.

What to use

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Where you hurt and why you’re hurting are two key factors in deciding which massager is best for your specific pain relief.

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Tips for Using Handheld Massagers

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