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How to Use Massage to Relieve Arm & Hand Pain

Whether it’s from work, workouts or a chronic condition, massage and stretching can help improve circulation, which often reduces arm and hand pain.

How to Massage Hands & Arms Step-by-Step

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    When massaging the arms, start at the end of the shoulder blade and work your way down to the fingertips.

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    There are two methods of massaging the arms: using short strokes to work down from the shoulder to the elbow, and then from the elbow to the wrist. Or, using long strokes to massage from the shoulder to the wrist continuously. Try both and see which method works best for you.

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    Massaging the back of the hand is not recommended. However, massaging the inside palm of your hand and fingers toward the tips is allowable.

What to use

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Where you hurt and why you’re hurting are two key factors in deciding which massager is best for your specific pain relief.

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