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The Benefits of a Post-Workout Massage

Almost everyone understands the importance of stretching before a workout. Did you know that massage can be just as vital after a workout?

It’s unwise to simply ignore the body following a strenuous workout because that’s precisely the time that it requires attention. It needs relief, replenishing of nutrients and assistance with recovery. One of the best ways you can lessen soreness and help ensure that you’re not aching for days is with massage.

Massage doesn’t just make you feel better. It actually addresses the miniscule tears in muscle fibers that result from vigorous exercise. Those miniscule tears lead to inflammation, which limits mobility. Massage improves blood flow in those areas and stimulates healing.

While it would be nice to have the resources, time and availability of a masseuse after every workout, few of us are able to do so. That’s where handheld massagers come in. They put relief in your own hands.

Massage Has the Ability to:

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    Provide pain relief

    Masaging your muscles post-workout helps loosen them. This reduces your muscles tightening up and getting inflamed. Inflamed muscles is what causes soreness. Some soreness is healthy, but when it renders you immobile try considering post-workout massage.

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    Improves recovery time

    Massage improves recovery time by improving blood flow. This is because massage stimulates mitochondria, which are the “energy packs” in our body that drive cellular function and repair.

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    Relieve muscle tension

    Massage can relieve muscle tension by improving flexibility and blood flow in the muscles. Flexibility isn't only about being able to do the splits or touch your toes. The goal is about being able to move your best, which requires loosened and relaxed muscles, and massage can help you get there.

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    Helps you relax

    You just worked out! Now it's time to relax. You don't always have to be "on." Massage helps you relax by offering relief. Massage also helps you improve the quality of your sleep, which eliminates fatigue and helps promote faster recovery. That way, you are able to start again tomorrow.

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Where you hurt and why you’re hurting are two key factors in deciding which massager is best for your specific pain relief.

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