A man cleaning up his nose hair with a Wahl trimmer.

How to Use a Nose Hair Trimmer

You’re spending all that time perfecting that epic beard or mustache of yours, it only takes a minute or two extra to tackle strays around the nose, ears and eyebrow areas. So, make it part of your regular grooming regimen.

Step-By-Step: How to Trim Nose Hair

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    Trust Your Tool
    Nose hair trimmers are designed to shorten nose hair within the nostril, without the need to remove it completely. Your Wahl trimmer with the ear/nose trimmer attachment won’t pull or catch hairs, so there’s no painful tugging at the root.

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    Short Strokes
    With the ear/nose trimmer attachment in place, survey the area to trim any stray hair hanging lower than your nostrils. Then begin trimming at the inside edge of the nostril where the hair is typically thicker. Use short deliberate strokes in each nostril. Check your work in the mirror.

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    Trim Regularly
    How often should you trim nose hair? Try to make trimming your nose, ears and eyebrows part of your everyday routine. You’ll be surprised how a little maintenance can make a substantial difference in your appearance and your comfort level.

What You Are Asking About Trimming Nose Hair

What is the purpose of nose hair?
Nose hair helps to filter out the larger particles in the air you breathe like dust, pollen and allergens to stop them from entering your sinuses. That’s why you want to trim your nose hair regularly so it can’t be seen but also leave nose hair intact so it can continue to do its job and filter out allergens.

Is it okay to pluck or wax nose hair rather than trim it?
We don’t advise it. Plucking nose hair can lead to ingrown hairs or cuts that can become infected. Also, the skin inside your nose is very tender. Irritating and inflaming your nose can lead to swelling and temporary loss of smell.

Waxing grew popular during the pandemic. It may be less painful than plucking but because the warm wax opens the pores, it can lead to ingrown hairs in sensitive areas. The beauty of using a trimmer is that it shortens nose hair easily and painlessly, so it can still function (out of sight).

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