How to Safely Visit the Nether Region

Every man will have his own unique Nether Region adventure. Whether you’re planning a flying visit or a deep dive into all the nooks and crannies, follow these tips for a safe visit!

1. Pack Smart

The Wahl® Manscaper® is the #1 tool for safely navigating the “Nethers” (as the locals call it), and, yes, you can pack it in your hand luggage or wheeled carry-on.

2. Start Fresh

A hot shower is a great way to open the pores and get ready to tame Paradise Jungle.

3. Explore Danger-Free

From the base of Mount Nether to the soft rolling Dingle Hills, the Manscaper® will help you navigate smoothly, without bumps, nicks or cuts.

4. Take Your Time

Don’t rush it, enjoy the scenery. Your visit to the Nether Region should leave you confident and relaxed.

5. Try Something New

Check out the hot new Nether Region “styles” while you’re down here – from a carefree, Banana Beach to a no-holds-barred Hairless Mister – as the locals say: “what happens in the Nethers stays in the Nethers!” ❤️

6. Don't Miss The Thighlands

No trip to the Nether Region is complete without a stop up north of the Beltline and down south in The Thighlands. Two unmissable areas that will leave you feeling like a new man – and all set for a cocktail or two at the Bay of Opportunity. Safe travels!

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