Lookin’ Good in Extreme Conditions Lookin’ Good in Extreme Conditions

Imagine packing for a trip into 105⁰ heat with 120% humidity, or, temperatures so cold that water instantly freezes when it hits the air. Now packing for your 3-day trip to balmy Arizona doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Regardless of your adventure or destination, preparing for a trip can be a hassle, but your grooming routine doesn’t have to be. We sat down with Professional Stand Up Paddle Racer and Surfer, Slater Trout, to talk through some of the extreme conditions he has been faced with and how he (and his beard) made it through.

Q: Where is the coldest place you’ve traveled to? What about the hottest?

A: I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum—extreme heat and extreme cold. I would have to say, the coldest place I’ve ever been was Iceland. While there, I did some paddling in glacial lakes and even encountered a few frozen waterfalls. I like to do a polar plunge wherever I am, which may not be the smartest, but I do it for the rush. When my buddies and I plunged in Iceland, one of my friends actually suffered from hypothermia, so that’s definitely the coldest place I’ve ever been.

The hottest place I’ve ever been was definitely the Maldives, a group of islands off the coast of South Asia. I can’t even describe the heat in a way that does it justice. The temperatures were more than 100⁰ every day with 120% humidity. I grew up in Hawaii, so I’m used to tropical islands, the heat, the humidity, but Hawaii doesn’t hold a candle to the Maldives. The beauty of this place is indescribable. The sweat is so worth it, but it’s crucial to be prepared for the heat.

Q: How do you pack for extreme heat, saltwater overload and extreme cold?

A: If I’m in hot weather, that usually means I’m near an ocean. If I’m near an ocean, I’m definitely swimming or surfing. So when I pack my bags for my trip, there are a few things I need to deal with both the heat and the saltwater. My hair takes a beating when I’m in hot weather because the saltwater dries everything out. After just two days of swimming and being in the ocean, my hair is standing straight up and my beard feels like sandpaper. Starting from the top, I use Wahl’s Shampoo to give my hair the moisture it desperately needs. To hit the refresh button on my beard, I start with beard wash to cleanse away the salt, sweat and any beardruff. Once clean and dry, I work the beard softener into my beard to moisturize and soften the hair. To finish my beard routine off, I apply my trusty beard oil in order to prevent itchiness and leave my beard smellin’ great.

In really cold conditions, I find that my skin will dry out incredibly fast. When temperatures drop, I need a lotion to moisturize my skin after my outdoor adventures. There’s nothing worse than having chapped skin when you’re moving around all day, so a great lotion is a lifesaver. It rejuvenates my skin quickly so I’m ready for the next day’s activities.

Q: How do you prepare for extreme conditions?

A: I’m a firm believer in going where you’re going, and not letting temperature or weather dictate your trips. But I recommend researching and looking up the weather ahead of time so you can prepare for what you’re going to encounter. There will always be the occasional flash storm or unexpected temperature drop, but it’s pointless to go on a trip without any indication of what to expect. So I always make sure to pack smart and bring the right gear along, so I’m not terribly cold or miserably hot.

Q: How do you mentally prepare for crazy weather conditions?

A: Some may call me crazy, but I love extreme weather conditions. When I’m going on a trip I hope for thunder, lightning, sideways rain, hail, snow, throw all of the conditions at me and I’m a happy camper. If there is a hint of inclement weather, I am psyching myself up and getting amped for the awaiting adventures. However, I know I’m pretty much the only one who feels that way, and my friends are always looking for calm, warm days where they can lay at the beach so I understand that side too. To help, I am the biggest cheerleader on our trips. I always try to pump my friends up and rally the crew to go out and adventure despite the weather.

Q: How does a life of adventuring affect your grooming game?

A: Adventure only affects your grooming if you let it. Although my time is sparse and my shower may be a garden hose and a bucket, you still have to make yourself a priority, and that includes your grooming. I try my best to stay on top of my grooming and stay as consistent as possible. When you’re out adventuring you don’t always have a ton of time to devote to grooming, but as I said before I do my best with as much time as I have.

As an adrenaline-seeker, Slater Trout trusts Wahl products for his adventures. Whether your daily adventure is hanging loose on the waves or climbing the five flights of stairs to your office, check out Wahl’s line of grooming tools and new wet goods to help seize the day.

Slater Trout

Slater Trout

Slater Trout has always been searching for his next adventure. At the age of 11, he began pursuing his dream of becoming a professional Stand Up Paddler. As he competed in competitions around the world he always took time to travel and that’s where his love of photography blossomed. Regardless of where life takes him, he is always ready to tackle a new adventure.