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5 Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness Fast

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Okay, can we talk about having muscle soreness after a workout for a minute? I have a love-hate thing here. On the one hand, I love being sore after a good, hard workout like this one with booty bands or this one (sooo good!) It’s super satisfying to literally feel my muscles building themselves.

On the other, I get bummed when I’m so sore that getting my sweat on sounds extra hard. I’m definitely all for working out through some slight soreness, especially if you’re targeting a different muscle group. But sometimes, the extra ache can be enough to make me want to slow my roll.

But it’s swimsuit season, babes! And you’ve all worked so hard to make so much progress. A little muscle soreness after a workout should never stand in our way. So here are my top five fave ways to reduce muscle soreness — and fast!


There’s just something about a massage, right? It feels soooo good. But I’ve always hated self-massage because it’s just not as relaxing. Or, at least, I used to —until I found something super cool.

You guys! I cannot say enough about the Wahl Lithium-Ion Cordless Deep Tissue Massager.

For starters, this thing is so versatile and easy-to-use. It’s cordless, so I can give my sore muscles some love anywhere I want, like chilling on the couch. And it’s got four different attachment heads and variable intensity so you can really target muscle groups with what they need. Plus, the long handle and the spine attachment are a GAME CHANGER for sore back muscles.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a way to treat yourself, this massager is it.


If your muscles are sore, they’re crying out for some TLC. And you can give it to them in the form of stretching. This is a great way to move your body on rest days.

I’ve got some stretching routines you can follow. This one gives you a full-body stretch, while this one is awesome for relaxing your body and your mind. Plus, there are TONS of amazing stretching videos for you in the LSF App!

I’d also encourage you to explore what your body needs. If one particular area is sore, try different stretches until you find what gives you relief. Listening to your body like this is a great way to give it the love and attention it needs.


Muscle soreness is one thing. It’s a sign your muscles are rebuilding. But if you notice any inflammation — or swelling — it’s a sign you’ve gone too hard. Take it easy on that area, for sure.

And to bring any inflammation down, ice the area. I know ice can feel pretty intense. I recommend wrapping your ice pack in a tea towel to ease yourself in. Because, seriously, ice can be a huge part of treating a wide range of injuries.


Ice is great if you’ve strained yourself too much. But heat is ideal if you want to support your muscles in their normal recovery period — plus it feels good!

When you apply heat, whether you use a heating pad or take a hot bath, you cause blood vessels in the area to dilate. This improves blood flow, which helps bring a flood of nutrients and oxygen to the area. In short, heat’s a great tool to help yourself ease soreness and support recovery.


You already know that what you put into your body fuels it. So don’t forget that mealtime can be a powerful tool to help yourself get past muscle soreness after a workout faster. Include lots of anti-inflammatory foods in your meals and snacks when you’re feeling achy.

Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water with and between meals. When you’re dehydrated, muscle soreness is more painful. Drinking lots of water helps to flush toxins so you can feel 100% faster.

Don’t let soreness stop you, babe! Use these tips to keep on your grind, pain-free!

Authored by Katie Dunlop (lovesweatfitness.com)

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Original Publish Date 6/29/2020

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