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Pre-Wedding Hair Grooming Checklist

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4 Hair Grooming To-Dos Before Your Wedding Day

In the days leading up to the altar, you and your fiancée are likely stressing about everything from place cards to centerpieces. It may seem like there isn’t enough time in the day, but there’s one aspect of wedding day prep the groom can’t procrastinate—grooming. Don’t stress; follow these ‘I did’ steps before saying ‘I do.’

1. Cut Your Hair (Sooner Rather Than Later)

A fresh haircut looks great, but you should allow your hair a few days to grow out naturally. Don’t stray too dramatically from your ‘usual’ look, and try to stay away from trends. Fire up your Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Hair Clipper and use an upward, rocking motion using the attachment guard of your choosing.

Use a handheld mirror to finish the back of your head. Pay special attention to the straightness of your lines. Remember, friends and family will be staring at either the back of your head or your profile for the majority of the ceremony.

2. S(h)ave Time, Do It the Night Before

It’s the biggest, most photographed day of your life. Don’t risk the chance of unsightly ingrown hair. The night before the big day, wash your face with warm water to remove any dirt or oil. Blot dry with a clean washcloth.

Smooth your facial hair with the grain and power up your shaver. Apply slight pressure as you use consistent strokes, paying special attention to the areas around your nose and mouth.

You’ll look sharp for your ceremony and photos, but could possibly sprout some 5 o’clock shadow by the wedding reception. If you’re concerned by the scruff, consider adding some disposable razors to your wedding bathroom basket.

3. Other Hair Care

Sometimes, there are hairs growing in some less-than-preferable locations—like inside the nose and ears or between the brows. Wahl’s detail trimmers come with various attachments to reach even the most challenging (or annoying) hairs, including those in the nose, ears and eyebrows.

4. Be Yourself

If you typically sport a beard, don’t feel like you need to shave it off. Your fiancée obviously digs the scruff, and their opinion is the only one that matters, right?

Look like you on your wedding day, not a baby-faced imposter. A tight trim and some beard oil will leave you looking sharp. Clean up any hair on your cheeks or neck.

Just remember, this is a big day in every man’s life, and there will be many pictures. Make sure you don’t regret going a bit too untamed.

Whether you’re grooming for your big day, a job interview or just Wednesday, Wahl has you covered. Click here to shop Wahl Grooming products.

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