Five Grooming Essentials

On weekdays, it might take two, three, even five alarms just to coax a groggy guy out of bed to prepare for the workday. After a few snoozes, many guys find their grooming time to be quite limited. Adding another step to your morning routine may as well be out of the question. By investing in yourself, you can look better and feel better, too. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Once it’s formed, it becomes just that–a habit. Each of the following grooming essentials can be quick and easy. Check out these five products every guy should add to the morning routine.

The Five Essentials

  • 1

    Beard Wash: Your face is more sensitive than your scalp. Using a regular shampoo on your face and beard can cause breakouts or irritation. A quality beard wash can help clean the course hairs on your face, no matter the length, while gently cleaning and exfoliating the skin below.

  • 2

    Beard Softener: For some guys (and perhaps their significant other), thick, coarse facial hair may be irritating. Use a beard softener to moisturize the beard itself and the skin underneath. This not only deep-conditions the facial hair but it can help relieve the itch of growing hairs.

  • 3

    Beard Oil: Last but not least, the final step in your grooming regime. Beard oil leaves your face smelling fresh while relieving itchiness, flakes and dryness. Just a couple drops of a high-quality beard oil can help nourish hairs while also acting as a styling agent to ensure your beard is sculpted and shiny.

  • 4

    Moisturizer: For different skin types, there are different moisturizers. Regardless of the product you choose, find one that includes SPF. Even in the winter, even when it’s cloudy, your skin is susceptible to harmful UV rays. By using some form of SPF protection, like that found in a daily moisturizer, you can reduce your chances of developing melanoma by up to 50 percent.

  • 5

    High-Quality Shampoo: Okay, the whole shampoo thing is already part of your routine… we hope. This essential goes deeper than that; A high-quality shampoo moisturizes the hair and scalp while providing essential oils and vitamins to strengthen hair to its root. A great shampoo leaves hair sleek, shiny and flake-free.