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A 5-Step Routine to a Healthier Beard

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To get a healthier body, you adopt a new workout routine. Similarly, to get a better looking beard, you need to adopt a new beard routine. Don’t worry, no weights involved (ouch). It’s sort of like a gym routine but it smells a heck of a lot better. Sure, you won’t create beard envy overnight. Contouring that keratin takes both practice and repetition. So, once you have trimmed your beard to perfection, stick to this five-step routine to create a beard the ladies will love and the gents will envy.

Step 1: Beard Wash

Don’t even think about using that shampoo, pal. The hair on your face is different from that on your head. The skin under that man mane is also more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. That’s why Wahl created a premium beard wash with your face in mind. Beard wash helps exfoliate which prevents “beardruff” a condition that causes small flakes of skin to appear in the hair often accompanied by itchiness. Wahl’s Beard Wash contains the W-Blend, four essential oils found in each of our new wet good products. These oils offer a unique characteristic with a smell you’ll love. Each of the four oils has a job; Manuka Oil cleanses, Meadowfoam Seed Oil softens, Clove Oil conditions and Moringa Oil moisturizes, each working together simultaneously to give your beard first-class care. Whether you wash your beard in the sink or in the shower, focus on really massaging the product down to the roots.

Step 2: Beard Softener

Beards vary in color, growth patterns and yes, texture. Some beards, especially shorter beards, can be coarse. Your girlfriend might love the way that beard looks but she’s less fond of that sandpaper texture. Fret not, Wahl Beard Softener can help. Think of beard softener as a deep conditioner for your beard and the skin below it. To apply your beard softener, dab a small amount onto your finger and then rub your hands together. Apply evenly amongst those fabulous follicles working it in with your hands. Use a brush or comb to brush the beard out afterward. Step back and admire.

Step 3:

The next step is based on preference. Both Wahl Beard Oil and Wahl Beard Balm are used to add moisturize and shine. There are some key differences:

Beard Oil

Just like when you shampoo your hair, when you wash your beard, it strips away those naturally occurring oils. To regain some of that natural shine, apply a beard oil once your beard is completely dry. You won’t need a beaker, but the amount you use does require a bit of science. Start with a couple of drops of beard oil. Rub your hands together and then work the oil into your scruff, making sure you work it all the way to the skin below. Beard oil works for beards and mustaches, short or long.


Beard Balm

Wahl Beard Balm provides guys like you with the beard control needed to look and feel your best. Oil tends to add moisture while a quality beard balm is more of a wax that can help mask any knots or split ends if your beard is bushy. Thanks to the beeswax and shea butter, Wahl Beard Balm can help shape the beard to your liking just like pomade for your hair. Dab a small amount of beard balm into your hand, rub together and begin evenly distributing the wax throughout. Beard balm works on beards and mustaches of all lengths.

Step 4: Beard Brush

Use a beard brush to help remove the dreaded “beardruff”. Not only can a high-quality beard brush help shape your beard, but it can also help work that beard oil or beard balm into the hair and skin. Oh, and it doesn’t feel half bad, either.  

Step 5: Beard Comb

The final step to achieving beard bliss: the beard comb. Think of the comb as your finest paintbrush. Made from plant-derived materials, Wahl’s Men’s Rake Comb helps further distribute products like beard oil and beard balm better than combs made of synthetic materials. Using a beard comb helps promote healthy skin cell turnover while removing tangles. Use your beard comb to help shape and style that facial hair to your liking and then it’s time to hit the town!

Ready to take your beard to the next level? Start your beard care routine with Wahl’s new line of Wet Goods. Each product is cruelty-free, paraben-free, dye-free and made in the U.S.A. Trust Your Barber’s Brand. Shop Wahl Wet Goods.

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